You Asked(/Begged) : “My Run” Date Sandals

The masses have spoken.  Y’all really like my Blogger Date Night shoes :

I bought these last summer (June?) from the Bakers in the mall across the street from our apartment.  They were a total impulse buy –  marked down a hundred times to $20-something I think, so I had to have them.  I KNOW.  High five!

I do get compliments on these shoes everytime I wear them (which is like, once every 4 months).  No matter how bitchy I look or stained my shirt is, without fail at least one person will come up and say they think I could knock Rachel Zoe off the star-stylist podium … like myshoes.

True story : A woman stuck her head out her car window at a red light and yelled to me as I was crossing the street in Carlsbad once asking where they were from.  I’m guessing she was hoping to distract me and when I got ran over by oncoming traffic she could jump out and snatch them straight off my dead feet.

I do have to wonder though if maybe y’all were just a little caught off-guard and that’s what spurred all this interest in my footwear.  Like the shock-value of not seeing me look like an un-showered, sweaty serial killer threw you into some weird frenzy :



So I told you all this and drummed up all this hype, annnnnddddd SORRY, you can’t get them anymore.  I just checked.  Unless you wear an 8.5 and want to pay $500 for my pair.  (Just forget what I told you about how much I paid for them...)

It looks like Chinese Laundry has a few pairs of the same style, but not this color.  If you’re in the market for some orange snakeskin hooker heels though, throw “Chinese Laundry New Bootsy” into a Google Shopping search.  Just don’t buy those silver ones listed on ebay.  I want them.

This is kind of fun – talking about shoes and girly stuff.  Maybe I should try it more often…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


9 thoughts on “You Asked(/Begged) : “My Run” Date Sandals

  1. Get the Lilly for your rehearsal dinner!! I thought everyone knew about Lilly Pulitzer…maybe it’s just a southern thing? B can wear a Lilly tie!!! ….Actually for some reason I don’t think that’s his style…David doesn’t like the ties too much….


  2. I see, teasing us by describing them because you know we can’t find them! :-) I did see a pair at Nordstrom yesterday that looked similar. I broke my shopping ban in a huge way, & I was too embarassed to tell my husband how many pairs of shoes I bought. Always a good sign! ;-)


  3. I totally read Skinny Runners post. Then read your post. Then like an airhead finally realized it was the two of you together. I’m kinda slow! Running and in real life!



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