Retail Therapy < A Good (chub-rub-free) Run

We aren’t very adventerous.  At least, in our day-to-day lives we’re not.  We try to be, but I guess the chance of a bad experience is enough to send us habitually to the same restaurants/running routes/hairdresser/etc.

So when we ventured out to Old Towne Orange Saturday night for dinner, we naturally found ourselves a bit frazzled.  What do we want to eat?  Where should we park?  Are there gangs out here?  Did you remember the pepper spray??

We knew we were in safe hands when we saw Starbucks’ literally across the street from each other :

… And one of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars winners!

The Perfect Circle Cupcakery

… AND a shop named after L!  ((minus the -ly))

Adventure Success.  (Anything can be successful when you finish it off with Yogurtland, though)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I set out this afternoon to do 8 miles – that Half I’m planning to PR at is in less than a month, afterall.  (I realize a month is practically a century around here these days)

So anyways I went to a new route, because I was still all crazy about trying new things and such.  I wore my UnderArmour skirt, which isn’t really anything new minus the part about me thinking for some reason I wouldn’t be plagued with torturous chub-rub this time.

I got 5 sucky miles in before the thigh-friction caused a serious fire concern.  I don’t know enough about the forrest fire laws out here to be willing to take any chances, so I cut the run short.  Stupid skirtStupid thighsStupid running.

Once home, I went bat-shit over some little issue so miniscule that I can’t even remember what it was anymore.  The culmination of a few stressful weeks finally caught up with me, and after a few slammed cupboards I told B I was going shopping.

“Need a pick me up, huh?”

This man knows me too well.

I’ve been abstaining from Retail Therapy in light of the whole wedding-savings thing, foolishly thinking running/beer/coffee/sleep might be adequate substitutes.

I’ll tell you right now, as I sit here completely drained after my day full of rack-perusing, that there is really nothing quite like the thrill of finding a killer bargain, the perfect summer sandals, or your favorite jeans (in your size!) on sale.

(this is not up for debate.  please just let me believe this is ok.)

Heh, woops.  To be fair I told B I was planning to do a major overhaul on my closet, and he signed off on it.  I may or may not still be riding the ‘you-just-bought-a-motorcycle’ wave

But look at these deals!


UPDATE : I got up in the middle of this post – 30 minutes before the downstairs gym closed – threw on my new F21 shorts, and sprinted those damn last three miles.  Training run, COMPLETE.

I take back what I said about Retail Therapy.  A good run still trumps all in the mood-boosting department.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


29 thoughts on “Retail Therapy < A Good (chub-rub-free) Run

  1. dear Sarah Soon-to-be,
    please come to Michigan and take me shopping. for real – you got some cute clothes, and I have zero fashion sense. my daily outfit (if not workout clothes) is a pocket t and fleece jacket. aren’t I awesome? ;)

    glad your mood turned around! xox


  2. Wow, you got some really awesome deals. I hear a lot of great things about F21, but I’ve never really been in there. All those teeny boppers intimidate me. I feel to old to go in there. :-/


  3. I saw your retail therapy tweet yesterday. You know if you’re tweeting it, damage is being done.

    Nice job on the deals! Those Target shoes are SO comfortable. I have them in beige. But I like the silver better, fo sho.


  4. Great shopping deals! I cut myself off from shopping this year also, because well let’s just say that last year it was like Shopaholics gone crazy! I spent so much money! So I decided this year to try to take a break, plus I bought all new furniture for my house at the beginning of the year so I am working on paying that off instead of shopping, but I am treating myself every now and then. You definitely found some steals, makes me wanna go shopping!


  5. I need to learn how to shop from you!! I’m a little jealous!! I feel like I can only find expensive things that I like so I only buy a few items instead of a lot. Cute clothes and great job on the run!


  6. Retail therapy always does it for me!! So does running, frozen yogurt and kisses from my kiddos and husb.!!

    You got some great deals! Love your DSW sandals! So, cute…like, I said we gotta go shopping together one day! :) I love Heavenly Couture but, you have to be careful ‘cuz some things are NOT worth $15.00! But, you’re a smart shopper ‘cuz what you got IS!! Do you like all of the floral prints I’m seeing for spring/summer?

    Way to get in your miles! HAVE A GREAT MONDAY!! :)


  7. I need you to travel cross-country and shop for me. STAT. I don’t have time to shop and I REALLY need to.

    Cute workout short — F21, you say?

    Ummm — where is the chub? Have you found a running skirt you DO like? So far I’m 0 for 2. I like them in theory, and they look super cute on, but they suck to run in!


  8. I had a similar retail therapy experience this weekend, so I totally understand. Love what you bought! And, chub rub is my enemy, but I have a ton more chub to rub than you do. You are skinny!


  9. I saw that first pic of your haul and I seriously cringed at the cost. But then, you got crazy good deals! $2.43 for a skirt? What?

    For whatever reason, chub rub in the thigh region has ceased for me (I used to have to body glide it for long runs). The latest area though, is where my inner arm/pit area meets the tank top. That was burning yesterday. Time to glide it. If I can remember!!


  10. I am well acquainted with chub rub, unfortunately. I can’t wear shorts when I run because I chafe so badly- my thighs pull up the material from my shorts! That’s why I love running skirts- all the breathability of wearing shorts with less chub rub :)

    Are there really gangs at the Circle?! Now I’m scared to go! My mom always told me there were turf wars at the Block, so I was scared to go there for years. Actually, I still am…


  11. if it’s any comfort at all your not the only one with chub rub from this weekend….only I refer to mine as bun burn. (maybe too much information??? nah not for the running world)

    Also way to go on all the great deals! I’m a bargain hunter myself but dang girl you did work! :)


  12. NICE finds! And who knew F21 had workout clothes!? I agree with others – I see no chub! I think I’ve got more pounds to spare than you, but luckily have not experienced chub rub. I wore some short lululemon run shorts for my half yesterday, I don’t use bodyglide, and I’m proud to report no chubrub. Maybe I run funny. haha. I think I have more problems w/chub rub if there is extra fabric in the legs of the shorts.


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  15. I had the same issue on my 10 miler on Sunday. Brand new New Balance running skirt (looked super cute on) caused me lots o’ pain for inner thighs. :( I had to use cherry chapstick for my emergency body glide!!
    Glad the retail therapy helped!! :)


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