DEBUNKED : Must Be Anorexic for F21 “Activewear” Line…

Thanks for all your kind words and instigative comments regarding my shopping binge.  By request, I am now available for hire as a personal shopper.  Base fees start at “mimosa brunch” and escalade in frozen yogurt ounces incrimently.  Maximum charges require a sworn statement to be my best friend for life.  Inquire within.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yesterday I told you about the day my life changed.  Things got a little heavy and serious.  Sorry about that.

Well a few hours after publishing that post, my life changed again.  The universe must line up in a weird, special way on April 4th.  Maybe next year I’ll discover calorie-free cupcakes or the cure for cancer.  Or a shampoo I don’t hate.

I found my new favorite go-to shorts.  My lounge-around-the-house, walk-the-dogs, look-cute-for-yoga, run-errands, must-remember-to-shave-my-legs, NEW FAVORITE SHORTS.

(mind you, “running” is not included in the above list.  this is due to the afformentioned “chub-rub” issue)

((despite all you really nice folk who said I “have no chub to rub”, I assure you I do, and it happens))

Forever21 Heathered Stretch Shorts


Yes, they are completely worth having to shave my legs for.  If you know me (and my severe abhoration for the razor) you know the dollar value on a statement like that.

I’m going back tonight and buying a hundred more pairs.  And returning a couple of those stupid cardigans and “real people” clothes.  If it can’t be worn with these shorts, it no longer serves a purpose in my closet.

i'm really not pigeon-toed...


Seriously – think of the comfiness of a pair of stretchy leggings or your favorite sweat pants.  Then think of the freedom of a pair of mesh shorts or Nike Tempos.  Then roll all that awesome up in a nylon/polyester/spandex ball and you have these shorts.

I want to wear them all day everyday.  I’d’ve worn them to work today but that’s pushing the dress code a little too far, even for our rebelious CA office.

And in case you saw them online and were considering purchasing, you should probably refer to the above picture for “real-life” depiction, rather than how they’re showcased on their site :


“Model’s height is 5’9 and wears a size Small”.

Well, your Sarah Soon-To-Be model is also 5’9, and wears a size Large.  She, like normal people, need “activewear” for “active” things, and not for sitting around not eating.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


15 thoughts on “DEBUNKED : Must Be Anorexic for F21 “Activewear” Line…

  1. I also want to sign on to Sarah-Soon-To-Be’s personal shopping services. My fashion challenged self and lulu addicted wallet could really use your help.

    I’m pretty confident that never in my life have I sat and not ate. Fact.


  2. Oh my gosh I’m cracking up at this. Just the other day I sent a link to my friend of a Forever 21 dress and the caption said ‘model is 5’10” and wears a size small’. We had a good laugh about how that would never be us. Thanks for debunking!


  3. I love the color you got and so cheap (the shorts not you). So you got a large? I can’t see you having to buy a large but they look lovely on you. I will keep an eye out for them the next time I am at a F21. I’m sure now that you’ve talked about them in such a way that they will likely be sold out.


  4. Should read: “Model’s legs are actually that of an emaciated llama.”

    I can’t imagine being 5’9″ and wearing a small. The small at F21 is on the smaller side. Like an Old Navy XS, actually.


  5. I’m pretty sure I have to stop reading your blog if you continue to show cute clothes. I went shopping again today. This is a problem. ;-) Thankfully there is not a F21 near me.. unfortunately there is one @ the mall I have to go to on Thursday to pick up a race packet. This is bad. I think I should leave my money in the car so I’m not tempted.


  6. I LOVE forever21 activewear. Everytime they get new pants/shorts that are on the cheaper side (who am I kidding, they’re all cheap… that just shows how cheap I am) I buy one in every color. I use all of them all the time too. So worth it. I wear a small but only because I basically have the body of a 12 year old boy, stopped growing at 13, what can you do? The thing is, I’m 5’0 so that shirt that looks super cute on the model who is 5’9? Yeah… ugly dress on me.


    • Wow, this just gave me a really good idea. How awesome would it be if you could enter your height and weight on a clothing website and it would then have a model your size to model all of the clothes on? Dang, I wish they had that… would save me many returns for clothes that fit horribly.


      • I would actually pay money for this. You can have a separate site – call it “the dressing room” – and then you can totally hack EVERY single site’s inventory and just plop it on a custom model. It can’t be that hard. I’ll go halfsies with you.


  7. Well I may have to locate these shorts in Forever 21, I love love this store and always end up dropping massive amounts of moolah there! lol But I have never looked at their fitness wear, so I will definitely check out those shorts, plus the price, they are a steal! Thanks for the recommendation!



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