Honeymoon Registry? Yeah We Did.

As with EVERY.OTHER.THING about our wedding, we went a little non-traditional for our gift registry.

B and I have lived together for almost five years.  It’s kind of hard to survive that long without a blender, toaster, vacuum, etc. (your “traditional” registry items)

Also, to ease the cross-country move process we pitched our junky, cheap, and mis-matched belongings to start fresh in California.  And despite my very best efforts – baked-on messes, dropped mixers, and general domestic blunders – none of those items need replaced yet.

To top it off, the wedding is in Ohio.  We live in California.  Shipping is expensive and there’s no way I’m gonna have any extra space  to stash a bunch of oversized appliance boxes in my luggage.

So what’s a couple to do? 

Correction : What’s a couple with a tremendously awesome/brag-worthy honeymoon planned supposed to do?


A Honeymoon Registry!

The awesomest part about Traveler’s Joy is that you don’t shop from an actual inventory of items.  You type in whatever “gift” you want to add to your list, how much it costs, and then BOOM it’s on your wish list.  Your invitees “buy” things just like any other online store, and then you get a check from Traveler’s Joy for the total amount of gifts purchased at the end (minus a processing/host fee).

Ok, so for instance, there’s a rapelling excursion we want to do – B’s friend is Mr. Outdoorsman and therefore thinks this is 400x cooler than a food processor, so click click click, he “buys” it for us!

Sarah Soon-To-Be needs a bikini with super-strength boob-grips so she doesn’t do any accidental flashing at the waterfall.  College girlfriend thinks the “Just Married” bikini is super cute, so click!  (Even though the image listed doesn’t have to be the actual item you get)

Mini-twin is the party-extraordinaire, so obvs she wants to pay for a few rounds of drinks at the pool barClick click!

Etc.  You get the idea.  You could literally put “Imodium for when Costa Rica’s finest faire sends me to GI Hell during 6-hour hiking tour” if you wanted.  Actually, that might be a good idea…

I’m super excited about it, because I’ve (stubbornly) come to realize that people want to give “gifts” and find cash/check non-sentimental or impersonal.  This gives us the perfecty loopty-loop around both worlds – guest gratification for purchasing an item, and I won’t need to spend 6 days figuring out where to stash a vitamixer in our cramped apartment.

(To be fair, we did create a small Target registry with some household items on it as well.  Unfortunately the entire C9 activewear line didn’t make the cut.  I really thought I was gonna get away with that one…)

Sarah Soon-To-Be


29 thoughts on “Honeymoon Registry? Yeah We Did.

  1. Honeymoon registries are the bomb diggity. My husband and I were happy to come home from our honeymoon without having to worry about being MORE in debt and we were able to relax more and do more excursions when we went to Maui. Win-win!


  2. We had a “weddingmoon” where we were married in Jamaica and had our honeymoon at the same time. We did this registry and even had a “honeymoon shower” where it was tropical themed and instead of buying gifts friends purcahsed gifts on this honeymoon registry. The hosts made a little net and hung it up with cute tropical cutouts where guests could write what they had specifically purchased (since we could only see it on the computer). It was awesome!
    Also–If ya’ll have them near you, Bed Bath, and Beyond is a great place to register–they have the 20% coupons so guests can use them, and if you return something from your wedding registry they give you CASH BACK if you want. Same with gift cards-they give you cash back for gift cards!! amazing!


  3. How fun! My girl Paula (EatWatchRun) did this and I loved being able to contribute to her honeymoon (I think I contributed to her car rental in Hawaii – hee). I’m pretty lame in my old age and tend to just give money now anyways – so it was nice knowing where the money was going!

    I don’t think they had this when I got married, but I think it would have changed my honeymoon if they did :)


  4. Okay, this is awesome!! I think this will be what Josh and I will have to do considering we already live together as well and have a fully furnished house, etc… great idea!!! (oh wait, I need a ring first… but I will keep this in mind for whenever that happens!)


  5. This is such a clever way to register for gifts. Love it! My boyfriend and I are going to Costa Rica over the summer for our anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited. It is supposed to be so gorgeous. Hope you have an awesome honeymoon :)


  6. This is an awesome idea – way better than my boyfriends idea of Registering at the local ABC Store here [ie Liquor store] although I might still have him do that for a “stock the bar” party when we get engaged.

    I love this idea and I hope your wish list gets everything on it!!! Enjoy Costa Rica!


  7. New follower here! That is the best idea!!! Wish we had thought/knew about that when hubs and I got married, though hubs wanted to register with a local Real Estate co. to help finance the house! Tacky? Maybe! Enjoy Costa Rica!!!


    • Hi new friend. I love the house finance idea – as a guest I think it’d be really cool to contribute to such a big deal like buying a house! But some people really love wrapping appliance boxes, I guess.


  8. Umm so I totally had the waterfall boob flash thing happen to me…while a fellow tourist was taking our picture. It was pretty awesome. I too planned ahead and had a nice secure bathing suit that just happened to snap at the clasp for no apparent reason right then. So just so you know, anything is possible. :)


  9. Ummm WHAT?! This is ridiculously awesome and I think we’re going to have to do this for our registry as well. I created a registry at Crate and Barrel but honestly I don’t think we need most of the stuff on the list. We got mortgage married 2 years ago and it seems a little silly to register for all sorts of new stuff. I am LOVING this honeymoon idea though…now we just need to figure out where the heck to go?!

    Bon Voyage!!!!!!!!!


  10. i LOVE it. and i love your commentary on the gifts. buying household goods is lame. unless they’re made to blend ice and liquor, then i guess i would want them on my registry…with said alcohol included.


  11. In the words of a downer of a great-aunt, “I’ll be sending you a trivet.”

    Great idea! Please take me with you. I promise it won’t be awkward.


  12. Your honeymoon registry looks awesome! Everyone at Traveler’s Joy is excited for your honeymoon to Costa Rica. We took an office vote and the Canyoning tied with the Volcanic Mud Bath for coolest experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can answer any questions.

    Early Congrats to you both!

    Brandon Warner & The Traveler’s Joy Team


  13. If we had registered for our honeymoon, it would have been like, airfare, resort, 1 trillion dollars for books.

    Maybe we can have a recommitment ceremony and get in on this…


  14. I love this! What a great idea–especially for couples like y’all who have been living together. This would have saved me a whole lotta “huhhh?” when my brother in law got married if they could have just done this!!! Instead, I gave him and his new wife cash, which, I’m sure they were fine with and all, but, I wanted to give them an actual gift. Yes, I am that person.


  15. LOVE it. I want to get married so I can have people buy me cool stuff. I mean I have it all, now that I have a kitchenaid ;)

    And Arenal, Costa Rica — you’re going to LOVE it. I’m jealous…I want to go back. Hopefully you get to see Arenal erupt at night — ooo, and if you have time, make sure to go to the Tabacon Natural Hot Springs: http://www.tabacon.com/costa-rica-resort-thermal-springs-1.html. You can get one day passes there — totally worth it.



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