Bachelors in Vegas

B’s in Vegas for his bachelor party.  All I asked is that he come back in one piece, and that our wedding savings not disappear on the blackjack table or get tucked into a G-String somewhere.  It sure would suck to have to uninvite half our guests, but hey at least baby-mama in Clark County, NV can buy diapers this week?

Actually what I told him as he pulled away was,

Just remember, my turn is in a month.  You’ll get your payback…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


12 thoughts on “Bachelors in Vegas

  1. I got a call from my fiancee in the middle of the night of his bachelor party saying that he was in the emergency room (thank goodness it wasn’t anything too crazy). Hope yours has better luck! :)

    Although maybe an emergency room trip is considered bachelor party success?!


  2. teach me your photoshop ways. now please.

    i think you should use the weekend to buy out the C9 collection at target. every dollar B spends on gambling and booze=10 that you get to spend on new workout gear.


  3. Hey Sarah,

    I just finished reading your whole dang blog…AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!! You are sooo funny without being annoying or too extreme, and you are just so dang cute! So glad I found your blog, and can’t wait to follow you on your soon-to-be wedding planning etc.

    Just wanted to let you know that I am a “true” stalker now!! Sorry!!! :)


  4. My bachelorette party was in Vegas (amazing) and my husband never had his bachelor’s party. We’ve been married for 5 years, and he keeps threatening to plan his party now. Yeah, good luck, buddy.


  5. My husband came back from his bachelor party with a severly sprained ankle and not able to walk A WEEK AND HALF BEFORE OUR WEDDING.

    He paid for that one.


  6. BAHAH! I get nervous when my boyfriend goes to his FRIEND’S bachelor parties.. I can’t imagine how nervous I’ll get about him at his own one day! Not nervous in a jealous cheat-on-me way AT ALL just nervous like please don’t get hurt or badly break the law. LOL



  7. Chris just has his bachelor party last weekend in Palm Springs. I got a text at 8pm, I could barely make it out because it was all consonants (I wanted to text him back, can I buy a vowel? like in Jeapardy!).

    He has hammered by 8pm.

    My turn in 2 weeks :) Payback indeed!



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