Test Run (& OUaL-Style Fueling)

BREAKING NEWS : B has returned home from Vegas mostly unscathed and we don’t have to uninvite any guests or call off the wedding.  Bachelor party success.

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I knew I had to get a solid run in this weekend, since my next two weekends are going to be the opposite of condusive to training. 

Read : I’m going back to the sticks for 12 days, where late-night shenanigans are undeniable and the Busch Light flows like water.  And that’s just a regular weekend.  Since I’ve been gone five months and have impending nuptuals to start celebrating – things are going to get a little crazy.

Perfect weather greeted me at Back Bay – mid 60’s and breezy, but the sun was warm.  (And strong enough to bring back the Garmin tanline.  Wear it with pride, wear it with pride…)

I knew I wanted to do 10 miles.  As I parked, I decided I’d test out my Goal Pace (8:21/mi) for May 1st’s half.  (aka PR Pace)

What was that??  Did I hear a chuckle from somebody?  Do you have a problem with the past 36 hour’s fueling, smarty pants?

Well I’ll have you know all those antioxidants and liquid carbs do my body good.  I had a FABULOUS run.

I didn’t obsess over my splits – just tried to maintain between 8:20-:30.  I focused on feeling comfortably uncomfortable.  This meant a pace I knew I could sustain, but that I had to work for.  Rather than just locking into cruise control like most long runs, I embraced the burn in my muscles, the heavy breathing, and the murderously painful sweat pouring into my eyeballs.

There were points I wanted to slow down, and hills I wanted to walk, but I pushed through.  Somehow.  Dang, I really should have tried to remember how I did that.  Sorry.

Negative split the back 5 in a big way and finished STRONG – mile 10 was 7:55!  Good thing I picked it up, or else I wouldn’t have somehow managed to hit pace exactly.

How'd I do that?

Big confidence boost to the ol’ training cycle there.  Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in some decent runs while I’m back in the O-H and I can really knock the shit out of that stupid old PR.


 Gratuitous and totally un-related side note :

We get a few hours of really fantastic sunshine on our balcony during the day.  Not really condusive for sunbathing, unless you’re looking for zebra stripes, but turns out it is pretty awesome for afternoon yoga…

(my 'om' doesn't care about VPL)

Down Dogs


Sarah Soon-To-Be 


20 thoughts on “Test Run (& OUaL-Style Fueling)

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I am following your story and like you very much. I also like how you look on pics after/during running. I look terrible in running cloths, just terrible!!! What sport bra are you using, please please share!


  2. Way to rock it! I’ve been doing a 10 miler a few times a week. It’s my new favorite distance – not too long, not too short. I’ve suddenly gotten wayyy fast in the last few weeks – as in I’m running a little over a minute faster than I was about a month ago. Not sure what’s changed but I LIKE it! Now if only there was a race to sign up for. Race season is basically over in Florida :(


  3. Nice bakasana! Nearly straight arms. That’s the hardest part on that pose – at my best I still have a microbend in my elbows – it’s probably just fear that if I straighten all the way I’ll land on my face.

    I might be doing PCRF! My friend is not going to finish the OC Marathon until noon-ish, and OC Half is expensive ($95!) and starts at 6am. PCRF is 7am and cheaper and I still have time to run in the last few miles of her marathon. Seems like a winner!


  4. you’re such a bad ass runner. i predict you’ll be crushing every distance PR like 12 times this year. and hey yoga girl, want to pass along some of your skillz? i need them.


  5. Oh my gawd you are so strong! I’ve tried to do that second pose but I can’t do it. I definitely need to go to yoga so much more than I do now. Those are some great miles you ran. I’m jealous but inspired.


  6. I seriously love the 10 mile distance. It’s definitely my favorite training run distance. I’d like to do sub 1:50 for my half in a week and a half, but it’s supposed to be hella hilly, so I may be content with a just by the skin of my teeth PR. ;)


  7. I WISH I could fuel like that. I drink one night and I’m OUT of commission the entire next day! Hah! OK…so I’m sorta peeved. For some reason your blog won’t upload to my reader. I’m trying to follow you and I keep getting an error message. :(


  8. Yay 4 no un-inviting guests!! :) Wedding is still on!

    Great job on your run!! You’re going to PR for sure. “YOU GOT THIS!”




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