Quality of Life = Instant Upgrade

Other than tanlines, all-night bonfires, and 20 hours of daylight per day, there’s one thing that ultimately gets associated with summer :



Southern California’s lack of mosquitos and humidity, the fact that Cleveland comes to town at least twice a season, and the fact that my stabbiness CAN be cured by 9 innings of good baseball… well this all does wonders for the quality of life in the Soon-To-Be household.

America’s Pastime is back.  Amen brotha.  Chest bump.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

16 thoughts on “Quality of Life = Instant Upgrade

  1. I went to my first baseball game during spring training in Florida and I caught a foul ball.

    Well. By catch, I mean a ball rolled hit the ground and rolled around a bit and then I chased after it. There was a cute little 5? year old boy who looked super excited about it, so I gave it to him. Made his little day, totally worth it.


  2. I love baseball season too! I just wish that Charlotte would get a major league team soon! Right now we just have a couple of minor league teams around that we can watch, its super fun but we need major league!


    • I’m loving how this team is playing – although I’m only cautiously optimitic. Let’s get Grady back and start moving runners around rather than relying on the long ball and we’ve got a good shot at .500!


  3. O.M.G!! Opening day is pretty much Christmas in the spring! I freaking love baseball season. I’m over here in upstate NY so I’m a Yankees fan. But, my roommate is a Red Sox fan! Can you believe it!? Luckily, we’re both civilized (we watch the games in different rooms, even when they are playing each other), and we don’t resort to stabbing each other or anything. I mean, she does pay half the rent – I should probably keep her around.


  4. I saw Cleveland play last Friday! They smoked the Mariners, of course. Hmmm, maybe I need to watch a game in L.A. so that I can enjoy the sun. It’s hard for me to watch baseball when I am wearing my down coat and needing hot chocolate rather than a beer!!



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