Home, Home on the Range…

Bon Voyage, sunny SoCal, I’m headed off to greener pastures and clear skies.  And by that I mean yeah, lots of pastures and the “clear” refers to a lack of tall buildings, not the cloud-cover.  I promise not to obsess about your perfect weekend forecast while I walk around Corntown, OH in so many layers I could play attack dummy for a police academy dog…

Or jump in the ring with these guys – without the extra suit…

Yeah, I could pack a coat, but I don’t really have one?  I’ve got cardigans and sandals coming out my ears though, so we’ll make it work…

UK Fashion says it's TOTALLY in...


I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to post.  Swearsies Corntown actually has dem dangfangled internets, though, in case you were wondering.  Last time home I think I saw a horse & buggy picking up the free wifi from the McDonalds.  We’re so advanced back home…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


9 thoughts on “Home, Home on the Range…

  1. You should totally rock the socks with sandals look. I work with a bunch of engineers, so it’s commonplace at my work. Some people skip the sandals & wear socks around the office. We keep it classy here.


  2. pshwa ohio is more than just cow tipping these days (scratches butt). i mean, we still have motorcycle vs dumpster battles and all, but we’re up with the times. or something.

    I’ll keep an eye out for you on the Towpath… if you see some loon coming at you (think Rachel/Phoebe running on Friends), it’s me.



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