Grown Up All-Nighters (A Surprise Visit!)

Mom and I are really tricky.  We’re really good at conniving and keeping secrets, which is exactly what we’ve been doing the last month.

Mini Twin goes to college in North Carolina and like her big sister, plays on the softball team.  Except she actually plays and is pretty baller – I was pretty good at cracking jokes on the bench and pinch running.

(Not the point.)

This trip home to Ohio was booked a few months ago and (completely coincidentally) matched up with Mini Twin’s year-end tournament in South Carolina.  Sure, I’d be fresh off a full day of cross-country traveling and we’d have to drive through the night to get there in time for first pitch  – The chance to see my baby sis kick some ass on the diamond totally overshadowed any “this could be a pretty miserable idea” thoughts.

A few hours after landing in CLE-town, mom and I packed up the car and pointed it south.  9 hours, a small traffic jam, and a few caffeine pills later, we pulled up to the fields.

Mom text MT to say she’d be at the field by gametime.  (MT still has no idea I’m coming)  She text back saying :

“Ok, we’re leaving for the field now”


Mom and I watched for the team vans to pull in and 007’d our way between cars so they couldn’t see us.  We sat down at a bench near the entrance with our backs to the parking lot and waited.

A few girls yelled “Hi Mom C!” as they walked by.  We shushed them.

MT was at the very back of the pack, and was literally the only girl not to see us.

When mom finally called out to her, she looked over, saw mom, and then saw me.


Thanks to all the strength training I’ve been doing I didn’t even drop her when she jumped on me.  And stayed there for like 10 minutes.

Yeah, there were some tears :)

The all-night drive, almost 24 full hours of traveling, and 36 hours without sleep were completely worth it.  Plus, her team played AWESOME and we got to see four really great games.  MT is a superstar.

It was so much easier saying ‘goodbye’ this time knowing her trip to Cali and Vegas are just a few short weeks away.  Can’t wait for more sisterly time.  :)

We’re back in the OH now, and I’m off to do Ohio-type things.  Winds are at 30mph so just in case I was feeling brave enough for the sub-60 temps, we’ll see if I actually get a run in.  I’m thinking of heading out with the wind at my back and seeing if Garmin can keep up – sub 5min miles, here I come!

Sarah Soon-To-Be

20 thoughts on “Grown Up All-Nighters (A Surprise Visit!)

  1. Hi Sarah! So I’ve been follow your blog for a month or so now (heard about it from SR), and when I read that your lil’ sis plays softball at a school in NC I was excited because I’m from SC. After reading more and seeing your sister’s jersey, I realized that the school she plays for was in the same conference of the school that I went to and played for (except I played tennis). I thought this was neat because I went to a small school, in a small town and hardly anyone knows about it. So cool! Have a good time with your Fam on the rest of your trip home! Very touching post by the way! So precious!!


  2. ahhhh…You and your sister are goregeous!! TWINS!! :) and she’s a baller! Our girls play fast-pitch softball and love it!

    Love the pictures!! Nothing like a good “tail wind” to get you those sub 5 min. miles. The winner of Boston Marathon got hosed and they aren’t counting his 2:03 finish as course record ‘cuz of the “tail wind!!” completely unfair if you ask me!!

    Enjoy your time with your familia!! :)


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