“Bachelorette” #1 – Dive Bar Ugly Bus Tour!

I’m spoiled.  Sickeningly spoiled by all the awesome people in my life.  The worst offender?  This girl :

Plain and simple, L is the best friend ever.  Not only is she DIY’ing all of the decorations for our wedding, planning a bridal shower, AND the Vegas Bachelorette Party, she put together the most epic (hate that word) “you-have-too-many-guy-friends-to-call-it-a-bachelorette-party” night EVER.

Also called the “Don’t-you-dare-forget-where-you-came-from Dive Bar Ugly Bus Tour”

I’ve known that she was planning something, but NOBODY would tell me what was going on.  How she got 30+ people to keep a secret for over a month is beyond me and deserves an award all on its own.

Surprise!  Excitement!  Fun!

I’m not sure if maybe L paid some of them, but much credit to her for collecting my most favorite all-time people ever to share the night with :

We hydrated with the appropriate flavors : Busch, Bud, and PBR.  We visited the finest establishments our little town and the neighborings have to offer.  We gave our driver directions like, “turn right at the flashing light and then left after the s-curve”, (and had to reassure him he wasn’t lost when we were still driving 15 minutes later.)

There were feats of strength :

… there was pool :

And the good kind of beer they serve in plastic cups :

The herd was corraled by cowbell :

And of course the iconic mullet wig was present :

There were moments of questionable acts and severe embarrassment :

While the sisterly love and true bro-mance were out in full effect :

Oh, and there was dancing.  Err, trying to stay upright on a rickety old school bus bumping along the country roads at 50 mph :

And because in some moment of good foresight, the night ended with me chugging six glasses of water (and eating fritos with chip dip while laughing and gabbing until 4 am.)  Because every act of responsibility needs two irresponsible acts to counteract it.  It’s nice to feel 18 again :)

All in all, honest to goodness, one of the best nights of my life.  We’ve got our work cut out for us to one-up this in Vegas.  Thanks a lot for setting the bar so high, L ;)


18 thoughts on ““Bachelorette” #1 – Dive Bar Ugly Bus Tour!

  1. Outta Control! I can tell because most of your photos are blurry. Must have looked clear with beer goggles! LOL! Aww you have such nice friends back home. Probably made you forget all about the funky weather right? ;^)


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  3. Your best friend is officially my new hero. That sounds like the most rad night ever. I’m from po-dunk Wyoming and we used to do parties on safe-ride (the free ride for drunks to get to bar to bar since it was always sub zero) and it looked just like your pictures. I almost teared up a bit :)


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