Sometimes Runs Turn Into Bike Rides

Me : “I really can’t decide if I want to run tonight

B (about 2.4 minutes later) : “Wanna go for a bike ride?”

I hope you’re not thinking, ‘Oh good, she bailed on running but at least she got a cross-training sesh in!’

Heh, he wasn’t talking THIS kinda bike ride :

He was talking his fun bike kind :

… with the BIG helmets :

( It’s debateable which one I look better in ) :


So we went for a bike ride.  … to Yogurtland.  And the world rejoiced!

(well, except for my running/I’m racing this weekend world)

((…or my double chin world))



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bike 1, Run 0


Sarah Soon-To-Be


13 thoughts on “Sometimes Runs Turn Into Bike Rides

  1. Ohhhh helmet hair. It’s horrible. My hair is long and it’s hard to figure out what to do w/ it under my hemet(which is pink.I think you need a pink helmet! stupidridculouspicturesofmyhelmethere)

    We rode 1.5hrs on Sunday and my hair was like a little rats nest when I took my helmet off. I braided it on the way home..and that was a little better. bleh.

    Good Luck this weekend!


  2. Haha i love all the pics. At least your hair is short so you can contain it better (I have really long hair right now, need a haircut stat!). I am totally jealous of the motorcycle, I always want to ride one when the weather gets warm (rare in Cleveland lol)


  3. You’re going to PR this weekend pretty lady!! :)

    Text me in the morning of the race so I can say “hello!!” k?! I’ll be there early…my daughter’s volunteering at the race. :)

    Have a happy FRIDAY!!


  4. I just stumbled across your blog while reading Skinny Runner. You are awesome. I was reading through some posts and I found the one about your bridal shower. I, much to my dissapointment, am not engaged, but I did go to a friends bridal shower a couple of weeks ago. I COMPLETELY 100% agree with your feelings about opening gifts. You are not alone in the world.
    I just started a blog and I am SUPER new to this world. But, if I have your permission may I add you to my blog roll? I don’t know the rules and I think it’s only right to ask!
    Happy Almost Wedding,



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