Because Signing Stuff Is Boring

I decided today (as in like an hour ago after 8 billion emails with L) that we’re having a photo guestbook at the wedding.


An instant camera, some fun props, double-sided tape, and a few too many drinks should make for fun momento to re-live our wedding day, no?

Heading out for that run I was going to do last night.  Hopefully I’ll burn off the 2 bagels and 2 bowls of oatmeal I’ve consumed thus far today.  Can somebody come monitor my carb-loading, please?  It’s a little excessive.

Happy Friday, kids.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


12 thoughts on “Because Signing Stuff Is Boring

  1. One of my best friends had a photobooth at her wedding. We seriously spent 90% of the night in there. It was awesome, and they are still some of my fave pics of the night.


  2. Why didn’t I think of that idea?? Man, you’re brilliant!! :) If my hubby and I renew our vows I think I’m going to steal that idea ok?!? and hire you as our wedding planner!! ok?!?

    “C U TOMORROW!!” :)


  3. Sarah, we did this!!! It was a BLAST! Our cousins put it together complete with props and a mini-chalkboard for notes to us (a must) and let me tell you…those photos are PRICELESS! Especially the few of Grandma. Man oh man, you will NOT regret this :)


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