Pre-race Crazy Talk (PCRF Half)

Remember all that talk about me “working on my speed” and “getting my fast legs back” so I could finally crack my 19-month old Half Marathon PR?

Well I did a pretty bang up good job with my training.

… until the last 3 weeks.

( ahem, yes, the “plan” was only 5 weeks long… )

That GD good time I had in Ohio sure came back to bite me.  ( not that I regret a single second of it )  Where’s the cross-training here?!  The long runs?!  Speed work???!  I must have forgotten them on that ugly bus

Truth is, the 6 miles I did last night at race pace were f’ing hard.  I’m crapping myself thinking about holding that pace for 13.1.

So here I am, inadequately trained for yet another race.  ( If you’re keeping track, that’s 3 for 3 on the year… )  What makes this any different than the last-minute Mermaid Half or the 5W2M LA Marathon?

Answer : I wasn’t planning to be unprepared this time.  ( Yes, I know what an oxymoron is ) I was actually expecting to toe the start at PCRF feeling like Desiree Davila and looking like Kara Goucher ( pre or post-baby, whichever ).

Am I throwing my hopes of PR’ing out the window?  Approaching this as a “fun run” or a “training run”?  Dropping to the 10K?  Drinking myself silly and sleeping through my alarm “on accident“?

Not really.   ( well the last option is still open for discussion ) (( as I sip from my second glass of wine… ))

Actually, instead of admitting training defeat, I’m going to go on the record right now and say :


I’ll hold that 8:21 pace until I puke or go all rigor mortis in the middle of the course.  I’m getting that damn 1:49.39 if it means sliding head-first into the finish line.

( hypothetical, obviously, since the timing chip goes on your shoe and not your head… )

Twitter will be the first to know (@SarahSoon_To_Be), and I’ll be here to claim victory or admit defeat as soon as I’m done stuffing my face with post-race goodies.

See ya from the otherside, hopefully with a shiny new PR in tow,

Sarah Soon-To-Be


17 thoughts on “Pre-race Crazy Talk (PCRF Half)

  1. good luck chica! i think you can do it! mind over matter.

    i ran a 5k a while back while sick and on antibiotics, and even though i took a break to remove breakfast from the body, i still would’ve pr-ed if it had actually been 3.1 and not 3.5 miles. so you can do it :) i have faith.


  2. YOU CAN DO IT. With that attitude nothing will hold you back. And beer is a good pre-race beverage…everyone knows that. Water, hops, carbs, the good stuff.

    Anyways, KICKASS tomorrow – can’t wait to hear the deets. I’ll be cheering for you from the East coast!


  3. I’ve been reading and not commenting a whole lot but this post was super timely. I’m on a train to Providence to race a half tomorrow with an original 1:50 goal. I have been slacking lately and was just sitting here wondering if I can still hit my pace..or if I should just have fun instead. Well only one way to find out if we can hit it. Let’s go for it. I’ll check back tomorrow and consider this my public commitment haha. Good luck!!


  4. With how you are, I wouldn’t be surprised if you PR’d. I almost think that if you actually trained properly, it might be worse!

    I was totally giggling in the car (I read your post on my phone – husband was driving, I’m not that crazy) with the whole chip on your head/shoe.

    I am trying not to put any expectations on myself. I already am paranoid that because I weigh 109 now (when I ran Carlsbad, I was 106) that I have been relegated to the 1:50’s. I think that might be crazy talk though. I don’t know, 3 pounds is like 6 seconds per mile. Bah!


  5. No worries if you get rigor mortis-y, there’ll be at least one nurse (me) at the race too. I’ll keep my eyes open for you either zooming by or crawling by.

    Good luck! =)


  6. Wooooo, go Sarah! I know you can blow your PR out of the water! Who cares about training, it’s all in the muscle memory! Of course I would be freaking out too…

    Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how everything went.


  7. Good luck! My last race was the same way. So unprepared. But eh, I finished and got an awesome medal even though I sucked it up big time. Just think of those 3 weeks as a slightly long “taper” and you’re ready to kick butt now. :-)


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