No-Train Race Series Continues…

… and finally hits a road block.

1:52.16 is NOT a PR.

But, it was good enough for a 2nd in my division!

In totally awesome news, friend Pam was 1st WOMAN OVERALL, so I practically know a celebrity.  If nothing else I’ll take that as the big win for the day.

Off to drown my slow, non-PR’ing legs in the Pacific with some beers and gelato.  And then nap in the sand.  Don’t feel bad for me.  :)

Sarah Soon-To-Be


17 thoughts on “No-Train Race Series Continues…

  1. Of course Pam got first overall – she is super fast! I love those smaller races where you get a chance at actually placing! Congratulations, it’s a great feeling isn’t it? I plan to run the same race I placed in over and over again, just to make myself feel good about myself ;).


  2. You’re awesome! It seems like it was super hot too today!
    woo hoo…(this will just make the next race when you DO PR all the more awesome).

    PS: I ran a PW in my trail race this weekend (and will write it up) and then got some gelato right after …hah life ain’t so bad!


  3. Hey Sarah thanks for the shout out!! It was great seeing you out there today!! :)

    WOOHOO!! 2nd place in your division!! “AWESOME!!”

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!! Hubby’s taking me for a ice-cream date later…YAY!! :)


  4. The fact that you don’t train much and run that pace, and I actually do train and just barely eek by you by 3 seconds is not reassuring!

    Seriously, excellent job. It was hot out there.

    My marathon friend ended up with a 30 minute PR but we mostly walked the last 6 miles. It was so stinkin’ dry and like 80 degrees. Not a good marathon day. I feel almost as tired as post-Ragnar today.



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