Recap – PCRF Half

If OUa(L)’s “No-Train Race Series” was a fairytale, this would be the chapter where she meets the ugly step-sisters or realizes she’s in love with a hideous monster and surrounded by talking kitchen-ware.

 The PCRF Cinco de Mayo Half and I have some history.

First of all, the dang thing is in my back yard.  Literally, the start line is .55 miles from our door.  It runs through all my trails and routes, so it was like a “home game” for me.  (read : late wake up call & real bathrooms)

It was also my first race in California after moving here from Ohio last year.  I used it as a training run for the Cleveland Marathon which was two weeks away, my first full marathon.

PCRF 2010

The morning after the race, I woke with what would be my first ever “serious” running injury.  The “broken foot” would then domino-effect into four other injuries, plaguing most of my 2010 race season.  (recap of those can be found here)

 Anyways, that was then.  This is 2011, THE YEAR OF THE PR!  And I’ll be damned if I didn’t tell the world that I was going to PR, despite yet another training fail…

( Let’s make this short and sweet, so we can get to all the pictures, k? )

I started faster than goal pace – I wanted to bank some time since I knew I’d fade in the last few miles.  You might be thinking that was kind of stupid.  I did, for a second, but don’t regret it at all.  I’d do it again.

The course is mostly flat, but there are quite a few little bunny hills (under/overpasses, etc) all throughout.  Nothing extreme, but enough to fatigue un-trained legs.  Oh and the second half is uphill.  Just realized this .2 seconds ago.

Around mile 12 I walked up one of the “hills”, hoping a short break would give me the energy to push for the finish.  An older gentleman patted my arm and said,

C’mon, keep going!  Pace me!

Ok,’ I thought, so I took off again.  And lost him after about 6 paces.  Sorry about that, guy.  ‘Preciate it, though!

On top of being physically ill-prepared, I was unstable mentally from the get-go.  In my own supid head the entire time :

Remember how hard Friday’s 6 miler was?!

Remember how long it’s been since you’ve run double digits?!

Remember all the running you DIDN’T do in Ohio???

Even though I fully believe that running is 90% mental, I’m not sure I could’ve gotten my 1:49.39 even if I’d been my normal, cocky self.  I ran smart and still had NOTHING to give at the finish – a sure sign you left it all out there (or that you’re just out of shape)

Crossed about six seconds after Chacha.  She was all pissed I almost caught her, but then she took off to go run the last 6 miles of the OC Marathon with her friend.

You win, Chacha.

Chugged an FRS – still working on that sponsorship…

Stood around and baked in the sun while waiting for the times to be finalized and to pick up my Division 2nd Place prize.  That cinnamon breadstick thing wasn’t very good, but the pissed “I’m-gonna-vom” face is a little dramatic…

Wanna know what I won?  It’s even cooler than the $50 Lululemon gift card top finisher got…

A WHOLE FREAKING CASE OF POPCHIPS!!!!  Oh lord I can’t wait until that heaven-sent delivery lands on my doorstep.  I think by “shindig” they actually mean “me, sitting on the couch, refusing to share my snacks with B”.  Right??

There was some timing snafu and so I guess friend Pam was second woman overall, not first, but whatever.  Girl rocked it and looked good doing it, too.  Dang you speedsters.

So that pretty much sums up the Tale of the Day I Did Not PR When I Told Everyone I Would (but the consolation prize totally made up for it)

Guess you’ll just have to stick around a little longer for the PR Party…

PCRF Half, 5.1.11 : 1:52.16

Sarah Soon-To-Be


26 thoughts on “Recap – PCRF Half

  1. Let me tell you, those last 6 miles of the OC marathon which were 80% walked were freaking tough for me. I still feel like sh*t today.

    Oh, and I now see why PCRF doesn’t post the elevation chart online. I also was *tricked* by the second half. I thought “flat and fast”, well, then more of this for 7 through 13. Oh, so wrong. I had spent all my cardio money on the first half and proceeded to get slapped around on the second half. I walked the mile 12 water stop and had 3 cups of water. A leeetle too dry yesterday.

    Pam seriously kicked some ass.


  2. Holy sh*t. No WONDER the second half sucked so effing much. Damn elevation profile. Flat and fast my azz.

    I am still pissy about this one.

    Congrats on 2nd place, though, and a freaking CASE of popchips. YUM!


  3. Congrats on the award, that’s awesome!!!!!! And there will be be HUNDREDS of races to PR in, but the chances of getting another free case of popchips won’t necessarily happen again….soak it in sista!!


  4. Thanks Sarah! :)

    Your so right about those hills! It’s not a “pancake course”, there are a few lumps in those pancakes!!

    I guess “chip timing” can’t always be trusted!! :( “Bummer!!”

    1st place swag (which isn’t rightfully mine…I’ll be sending this back to the coordinators (hand-delivered if I have to!!) )…ear buds, free entry into next year’s race and a adidas pacer thingy. Seriously, I would’ve traded all of that for the popchips or the $50.00 lululemon gift card!! Love POPCHIPS!! So, do all of these kids (and hubby) that keep calling me “MOMMY!!” :)

    Have a great evening sweet lady!!


  5. Girl, you are getting Pop Chips! That is totally enough to make up for the non-pr. ;-) No matter what, you rocked it & got second in your division. I’d be throwing a parade for myself with that placement. Pluse, you’re so dang cute in the pictures (after running a 1/2 marathon!), that it’s crazy.


  6. WOw you guys get some great prizes out there! 90% of the time we get gift cards to Dicks Sporting Goods and the rest of the time it’s something small like chapstick or hair products.


  7. What the heck is a popchip?

    Awesome run. Division second on a tired day? I’m still counting the number of people I am faster than to make myself feel better on race days.


  8. You rock, lady! Rejoice in your win of popchips (God’s gift to snack-loving people everywhere…besides mallows, of course). I feel like I win when I don’t keel over after a 5 miler lately. You’re my hero!


  9. Still a nice job on the race for not being mentally prepared. I can check out at mile 8 easily and not care what happens if I’m not mentally prepared. (i.e. taking more walking breaks)

    Also, the pop chips will guarantee you run more races just to work off the calories. Pretty sneaky sis.


  10. Congrats on a great race and on placing! I’d be ridiculously excited for a case of Popchips- love those! Looked like a gorgeous day for a race too, I am so envious of your southern CA weather!


  11. that’s a dream race time for me…that’s a PR in my books :)

    Great job on the race, I can’t believe this race came and went. There’s a lot of things I can’t believe at the moment, like how close my wedding is now, lol! Time is flying by and I’m watching the days go by..sort of.

    Have fun at your bach party this weekend….you will bring the house down right? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…or ends up on the blog!

    My bach was this past weekend, it was a lot of fun


  12. Awesome job on placing!

    Thanks for the elevation chart, I too was tricked by the “fast and flat” but felt the second half was horrible. I gave up on PRing around mile 10.


    • I’m going to hack their site and post that with the course map so nobody will be fooled next year! (I ran it last year and I don’t think the course changed… I must have been in better shape and not noticed then) Where are you running next? Laguna?


      • Totally hack it!! Yes, I am running Laguna (to get the extra bling for doing the “Marathon in May”), but at least “Hills” is in the name so I know what to expect, haha. I am also running the Guns N Hoses Half in Ontario on June 5th. I’m going for Half Fanatics so I’m cramming a bunch in at once. Are you doing Laguna?


  13. Hey Sarah!

    That is just a mean course…last half uphill?! Boo, hiss! You still ran a fantastic race and placed 2nd–wow. You look hawt doing it too!

    Congrats to Pam!! 2nd place overall–wow! Does Pam have a blog? I was trying reply to a comment she posted on my blopg, but her name wasn’t linked???

    So, Vegas in a couple weeks?!! Have fun!!!


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