Fueling & Recovery by OUaL (v.2)

I totally swear I replied to the PCRF recap comments.  Maybe I said them in my head and never actually typed them???  That happens sometimes…

So, what I meant to say was :

“Thanks friends, some of you are full of shit and some of you are so full of niceness I can barely stand it, but I love you all to pieces.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Another post of unsolicited fueling advice from yours truly.

(Past lessons can be found here and here)

It’s well-documented (here at OUaL) that liquid carbs are the easiest to absorb.  I mean it’s brainless that sloshy liquid just soaks right into all those muscles and organs that are vital to performance faster than “whole foods” do.  Yes, the alcohol-in-the-bloodstream absorption is also prevalent, but with due diligence, you too can overcome the small side effects of this factor.  Just replace your taper scaled-back fiber intake with beer and call it a wash.  Easy.

Race Eve


Sandy shores of the Pacific are optional but highly suggested.

And if it’s too hot to nap, might as well get those Bridal Shower Thank You’s written.  My sincerest apologies if anybody finds a few sand granules in their envelope… SWEAR I didn’t plant it there intentionally to make you jealous and/or want to come visit.

My suit doesn't match - don't adjust your monitors.

I’ve got some big BIG wedding & bachelorette/Vegas related news for y’all, and a hectic couple days coming up.  Stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

7 thoughts on “Fueling & Recovery by OUaL (v.2)

  1. Jealous! Today in Northeast PA it is about 45 degrees and super windy – where’s my tropical vacation when I need it?!


  2. Man, beer has so many uses. Here I thought it was just for getting drunk. Obviously I know nothing. I saw your tweet this morning about rain in the Back Bay, I think that was just mist. I was out there running when you tweeted that. You are really getting spoiled by the weather here. :p


  3. Sand in an invitation sounds perfect. So does writing invitations while in the sand. Balboa peninsula? Do you live near Costa Mesa? I come and visit my cousin there once a year. It’s my pretend I have no responsibilities, enjoy getting to know my cousin I didn’t grow up with but is like another sister retreat.



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