Race Photography DON’Ts

Chacha emailed me totally calling me out for photo bombing her home stretch PCRF photo :

What, is that creepy?

 I usually take above-average race photos.  Not to go all Tyra on you, but I’ve got an eye for those sneaky cameramen hidden on the course and always wipe the “I’m dying” face off just in time.  It’s a talent I work on almost more than the actual running part.  I mean…

Well on top of not PR’ing this weekend, I also managed to single-handedly take the worst race shots Brightroom and the internet have ever laid their eyes on :

Don’t click to zoom.  Don’t go to Brightroom and look at the rest.  As your friend, just don’t.  It’s for your safety.  Really.

Did something crazy tonight.  It involves another crazy stupid race project, and either a vast increase in liklihood or completely detrimental NO-CHANCE-IN-HELL-NOW chances I’ll PR ever this year.  Tell you about it in the AM (and no I haven’t forgotten the wedding/bachelorette news, no fears!)

Sarah Soon-To-Be


10 thoughts on “Race Photography DON’Ts

  1. Oh please, you are always cute, these photos are no exception.

    I’ll have to share some of my reject photos with you, I always get caught with the fat/muscle above my knee feeling the effects of gravity with a little ripple. That’s the worst.


  2. I love the one on the right – that one cracks me up.

    I started looking through some of the people that finished around me and everyone had the same expression. Like they were trying to suck in air but failing. I found teh 1:50 pacer chick, she also looked like she was praying for death. I honestly think the camera guy was like their 4th string or something. They put all their good people to shoot the OC marathon.


  3. I generally cheese it up for the camera guys, you know, waving, thumbs up, etc. I don’t think you look half bad, it just looks like you breathe like you’re supposed to breathe while giving birth (except while running) ;). I threw up after my last half… did you know they still take pictures of you even while you’re gagging? Thankfully they didn’t catch anything but the gagging part.


  4. We always say that brightroom takes the WORST photos of all the companies. They manage to get you at every wrong angle and I swear they photoshop them to make them even worse.



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