A (stupid? sadistic?) New Challenge

I’ve got a new challenge!

Right, I still haven’t gotten that Pr.  I KNOW, ok?  I’m working on it.  But let’s just go ahead and make it a little crazier.  Not like a wedding < 2 months away is occupying any of my time or turning me into a moody/emotional/frantic lunatic anyways…


So what’s the challenge?

Two halfs (halves?), six days.


Let’s not dwell on the close proximity of 1) the races to each other or 2) the races to NOW, wherein I am still not in 13.1 shape.  (aka Cardiac Arrest is not a plausible threat after mile 7)

Instead, let’s focus on the fact that L & Mini Twin’s two week Cali vacation and a Sure-To-Be ShitShow Extraordinaire of a Vegas Bachelorette Weekend are happening in between now and then.

So, that leaves about… 4 days for proper training runs.

I’ve been registered for the Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half for eons.  The course is hilly and hard as F – not really conducive to pulling a PR out of my under-trained ass.

So when I heard about the Fontana Days Run, which is 3/4 downhill and 1/4 flat, I plunked my cc info down right away.  I mean I could practically roll down that course and PR!  Did I mention it’s only $35?

Yeah.  I had to.

Happy Friday – I’m dropping wedding invites in the mail at lunch (finally) and the Indians are in town for a series against the Angels.  It’s going to be a good one :)

Sarah Soon-To-Be


19 thoughts on “A (stupid? sadistic?) New Challenge

  1. We run somewhat similar times, we should race each other at Laguna Hills. You know something to egg us on. I have a marathon the following weekend so I think it will be fair since you have another race the following weekend as well. I did this same thing last year with Laguna Half and SD RnR Marathon. It’s doable. We should reconvene at a later time and see if this is plausible.


  2. i see you chose to ignore my demands. whatever sarah.

    but also good luck on killing your pr after getting boozy with it. if anyone can do it, it’s you.


  3. Get it girl! That’s a trooper if I have ever seen one! Actually I’m running my first Half Marathon this year on October 23 and then I was thinking of running another one on November 12, Amica Insurance Half Marathon, which is the half marathon that I ran last year, my very first! So I thought if my Myrtle Beach Mini went good, that I could attempt to run the Amica again…thoughts?!


  4. Don’t turn into a “bridezilla”…you’ve got this!! You’re almost there!! :)

    “Good luck with your upcoming races girlie!!” :)


  5. First time reader, first time commenter…

    I’m doing the Fontana Half too, for the first time. As long as I don’t fall on face it should be pretty fun. PR for sure, although I’m not sure how legit…



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