Invitations : CHECK!

Yesterday, I went here :


With an old Starbucks bag filled with 117 of the most important documents the USPS has ever handled :


Took a huge sigh of relief and put another BIG FAT CHECKMARK on the wedding to do list.  Invites : MAILED.

I can’t say I’m mad about the inordinate amount of hours I spent on our invitations, because they turned out EXACTLY how we wanted.  Plus, Jaymee the Design Extraordinaire is fun and most of the time I felt like I was gabbing with a girlfriend, not “working”.

After countless emails, edits, samples, and haggling with vendors (Jaymee’s job, not mine), the finished product appeared at our door.  Wrapped in ribbon with a custom thank you note and a box of Hawaiian chocolates. 

You win, Jaymee.


For a few days, the coffee table looked like this :


And I made friends with the paper cutter at our FedEx Office :

(these are just the hotel inserts – all of the actual stationary was cut by the print shop)

And finally – signed, sealed, ready to deliver!  I printed the monogram Jaymee designed on clear address labels (two to a label) and used them as envelope seals.  Super cute if you ask me :

So it’s only fitting that I got to celebrate our invitation success by having lunch with Jaymee herself (and SkinnyRunner, another client)!  Jaymee is in SoCal visiting family this week and Sarah leaves on the fishing boat next week, so the timing worked out splendidly.


If you want to hear more about how awesome Jaymee is, email me.  I’m sure 99.8% of you are avid SkinnyRunner fans so you know all about the incredible work she did on the SR Shirts.  Serious street cred, right?  RIGHT.

ps The USPS has not stepped up their postcard stamp game.  I can’t decide if this “herb” collection is better or worse than those blasted polar bears from our Save The Dates :

Sarah Soon-To-Be


21 thoughts on “Invitations : CHECK!

  1. hahaha! love the picture of you and those polar bear stamps :) USPS has definitely improved their offerings from last year, and they’re a little more appropriate for the season too.

    Now you get to sit back and wait for all those response cards to roll in… I was eager to check our mailbox every day for the 2 months before our wedding.


    • Eww they do but they’re fug. They have two different 44 cent ones, but only carry one kind of postcard 29 cent-ers. Too cheap to put a “real” stamp on our RSVP postcards – I’ll put the $17.16 I saved towards a new pair of shoes. ;)


  2. Hey there! So I probably spent the better part of the last half hour looking through (read: somewhat stalking) your blog and I have to say I think you’re awesome! Good luck with all this wedding planning and prep, looks like you’re well on your way.

    Can’t wait to keep reading :)


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  4. haha… i got stuck with the stupid polar bear ones…. hello… i have a june wedding people!!!

    Also, I had to put extra postage on my invitations and they were ugly green and yellow clocks lol… ew! lol

    it’s exciting to start getting the RSVPs back!! :)


  5. You are just as hot as SR, and I want you to know I spied on your calendar on the side of your page: I will ALSO be in Vegas for a bachelorette the weekend of the 21st. So, it’s on. I expect to see you and your future Mrs. out and about getting wild, and I will likewise do so, and we will share drunken smiles as we pass each other in the night ;)


  6. CUTE invites! My boyfriend and I recently figured out a “plan” for our future and that includes a wedding next summer (ahhh!!!) so I’m really excited to see all of your wedding details!

    Did you see that the USPS is putting out stamps with the Statue of Liberty from VEGAS on it? Not the real one from NY, the one from the freaking hotel in Vegas. It was a mistake and our country is too broke/lazy to fix it. Super.


  7. ditto on the whole finding you through SR :)
    stamps was the biggest letdown when i sent out our invitations (married back in 2008). BUT, the company that i ordered my stationary through,, has the option of getting stamps that correspond with the stationary…or have your monogram. if you’re still in the market for stamps, check them out!
    i went with the chandelier ones for mine :)


  8. I came here to tell you THANK YOU for introducing me to Jaymee from your header, and I find this! She had just emailed me and mentioned her blog and I was so glad she did as I hadn’t seen this post yet. She is WONDERFUL and I can’t wait to put my new blog header up once Blogger is back up. After reading her blog, I was in a little disbelief that she’s a California native and living in Hawaii. Even before that she was amazing, but that’s the cherry on top. Looking forward to working with her more, and your invitations look AMAZING.

    Also, I blushed a little from embarrassment reading your comment on my blog. That is all. And thank you :) .


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