Vegas Bachelorette : The Guestlist & Last-Ditch Prep

In case I haven’t shoved it down your throat enough already, we’re going to Vegas for my Bachelorette Party!  Next weekend.  The countdown has begun.

(The Dive Bar Ugly Bus Tour through Corntown, OH was just a warm up)

My best friend since age two (L),  fellow OH–>CA transplant (SD Friend),  living-vicariously-through work friend (EB),  and younger sister (Mini Twin) ((21 years, 3 months old, btw)) will be taking over MGM Grand with me.


Also taking over MGM that weekend?


What, weren’t J-Lo and Country Royalty invited to your bachelorette party??????

There are three likely scenarios for how the trip will unfold  :  one involves an epic cat-fight death match and an open seat on the ride home;  one involves tequila, a sharp object, and the trading of blood and one involves free bottle service and EB making out with Cee Lo.

Only time will tell…  (safe $’s on option 3)

Until then I’m frantically cramming ab workouts and slathering on gradual tan so I don’t get turned away at Wet Republic and have to spend my final days of life as I know it singledom crying into the penny slots (fully-clothed) and eating french fries while the rest of Vegas plays at the pool with music’s hottest stars.

TEN DAYS!  Get ready, Vegas!  (and Sarah’s liver) (…and abs.)

Sarah Soon-To-Be


16 thoughts on “Vegas Bachelorette : The Guestlist & Last-Ditch Prep

  1. Oh you’re going 2 have so much fun!!

    What are the chances of my hubby and I running into you and your “crew” that weekend…We will see!! I may remember running into you…you may not! :)

    Have a great time!!



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