Race Binge (Introducing Mary#4)

There’s been a lot of talk – virtual and IRL (in real life) – about if I’ll be running another marathon anytime soon.

Mom (who, like all runner mothers are, is worried about double knee replacements at age 27) says I should bow out on a high note, having run LA pain-free like I wanted.

She has a point.  After three marathons I’ve proven I can conquer the 26.2 distance (healthy or not).  I’ve stated my case and can claim my title as an BAMF Endurance Athlete.

Recaps : Cleveland, NWM, LA 

BUUUUUT…  How can you look past the trends here?

The continuous PRs?

The gradual shift from “agonizing pain all race long (Cleveland) to “the only pain is this damn rain in my eyeballs” (LA)?

The OH-SO-CLOSE proximity to a sub-4???

Yeah, I’m not done yet.

Thanks to some (heavy) internet peer pressure, the offering of our guest room to an out-of-towner that’s running (SweatOnceaDay), and all the love-born reviews, I went ahead and registered for this last night :

Just in case you’re checking your at-a-glance calendar (which you’ve obvs noted all of my important life events on) and scratching your head, here’s how the next 5 months are going to shake out :

May 14 : L & Mini Twin arrive for two weeks of West Coast debauchery

May 20-23 : Vegas Bachelorette (and the requisite week of recovery)

May 30 : Laguna Half – aka hell on hills

June 5 : Fontana Half – aka if-I-don’t-PR-I’m-quitting-running

June 25 : Half in Ohio – aka Happy Week-Before-Your-Wedding present, dingbat

July 3 : I agree to legally give B all my heart, half my posessions, and forfeit the right to be called “miss”

Aug 16-23 : Honeymoon in Costa Rica – try not to be eaten by monkeys or fall in an active volcano

Immediately upon arrival in CA : Commence Long Beach “Training” (term is used loosely around here)

I’m hoping to maintain (close to) half-mar shape before we leave for Costa Rica, and will have 6.5 weeks to get ready for Long Beach after we get back.  I’m feeling good about this, especially after my 5 Weeks to Marathon success at LA.  I’ve found true love in my shortened training plans after being abused by those mean 16-weekers, and will continue loving them until somebody gives me a reason not to.

(Physiologists, Runner’s World, and moms discluded.)

* Who else is coming to play at Long Beach???  I know Emily, Kat, Monica, Chuck, and Madison are.  Breakfast Snickers and liquid carbs for everyone!

Sarah Soon-To-Be


33 thoughts on “Race Binge (Introducing Mary#4)

  1. It’s appropriate you used the word “binge” in the title of this post given what I’ll be doing to mimosas on the beach post-race.

    and yes please to bfast snickers. make mine a king-sized bar please.


  2. I have to bow out gracefully. The money I was setting aside for a fall race adventure is now being re-allocated to pay for my flight and hotel for grad school orientation. So maaaaaaaaybe I didn’t think I’d get in… just maybe. Hah. One of these days I’ll get out west and we’ll run a sub 4 race. WHOO!


  3. It’s going to be great!!! Six weeks of training huh? No wonder your mom worries about you. It’s okay, my mom tells me that girls are not suppose to run that much. Maybe she is worried that I will turn into a man.


  4. Given that crazy-ass rain @ LA, you can easily break 4:00 in the LBC. Medals are nice, reg fees are pretty low, easy course.

    On a less positive note, Long Beach is on my never-again-will-I-run-this-race list. The course is easy (and ends on a downhill!), but, well, it’s crowded like the number 4 train from the Bronx after a Yankee game. I personally think they have the entrants capacity set *way* too high for the venue.

    1. Plan to have copious amounts of time to use the porta-johns – if you don’t you will not be able to get into your corral (unless your corral is the last one) – and you will be hating life zig-zagging around 12-13 minute pace runners.
    2. Unless you like to gamble, don’t check your bag at bag check. Supposedly, they are going to use the same system this year as OC Marathon, but, well, it’s a gamble. Last year was unbelievable. And not in a good way – like, 2 hours wait to get your bag. And just pandemonium inside the bag check tent (like, after 2+ hrs waiting, runners decided to take matters into their own hands because the system broke down; the volunteers were out of their minds, one lady swearing-yelling at us to get out – it was like nothing I had ever seen before in my life).


  5. You really do take GOOD race pictures. How is that even possible after 26 miles. I might hate you a little bit. But not enough to stop reading your blog. :-P

    My mom says the SAME thing to me. She wants me to stop running. She’s really worried about my knees and I haven’t even done a full marathon yet. (My first is in Nov.)


  6. Super excited for you!! Wahooo! You will get your sub 4hr!!

    Like Christine I might do it just to complete the beach challenge. It’s only a few weeks after Maui so I’m still wavering. We shall see….


  7. Hell yeah you will go sub 4 =) at Long Beach!
    hah yeah I feel the same way about Fontana Days and PRs although I shouldn’t assume anything…I looked at the elevation chart…straight down…ridiculous.

    My mom used to tell me “Margot…just stop if you get tired!” =)


  8. me me me!!! I’m running it!!!

    well, maybe. What I really mean is — I really, really want to! I wanted to even before I knew other bloggers were running it! Now I REALLY want to!

    I’m going on vacation Sept. 3-10 so that could interfere with training, especially considering I’m not going to be doing an 20-milers on a cruise ship or on an Alaskan glacier. So I might need to get some tips from you on these shortened training plans :)


  9. Is it sad that being mentioned on your blog made my whole friggin month? Anyhow, it did! And I’m stoked about the blogger meet-up that we’ll have to arrange. I’ll start stockpiling Snickers (that’s my ticket in, right?). Don’t worry about the whole knee replacement thing… if our moms are right, then we’re all headed down the same road and we’ll just form a new blog club then. In the meantime, happy bachelorette partying!


  10. I’m planning to move out to the left coast around that time, so if everything goes as planned maybe I can swing the half…
    I’m sure you will break 4!
    And I’m super jealous of your race pics…mine are always a hot mess.


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