B’s New Roommates – aka Estrogen Overhaul

1.)  The Wedding Planning page was updated yesterday.  Nothing earth-shattering, but it’s cleaned up and looking all spiffy.  Worth noting.

2.)  MY BEST FRIEND AND SISTER (as in two separate people, although the descriptions can be used interchangeably) WILL BE IN CALI AT THIS TIME TOMORROW


I already gave B the “okay” on a man-cation.  Poor guy barely survived MT’s visit last summer, I don’t know how he’s gonna get through two weeks of :

triple the hair products/makeup/shower time

gabby wine nights, and at least one request to pick our “hehe, woops, too drunk to drive” asses up from dinner

three sets of feet trying to decide whether the nude pumps or the black sandals look better with this skirt  (although he’ll be happy to relinquish his duty as my fashion assitant/critic)

“OMG I totally have cankles/no you don’t you’re so skinny/duh yes I do where are my sweats I’m not going out/you’re so dumb, drink your beer lets go/you’re a bitch… ok where’s my purse.”

The tales of debauchery and an over-estrogened household are forthcoming.  Hold on tight.



Sarah Soon-To-Be

10 thoughts on “B’s New Roommates – aka Estrogen Overhaul

  1. AHHH HAVE FUNN!!!!! That sounds AMAZING. I can’t wait for Courtney to visit me for a whole week this summer- totally feel you on the OOPS can’t drive & need for a fashion assistant OTHER than your man! I am in love with your sister’s wild pony tail-braid in that pic!! -Jamie


  2. Ooooh gotta love girl time! Sounds like a blast! You asked about the purple Nike top I wore in the race last weekend…I got it on clearance in March, so it might still be around!



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