L & MT Day#1 – White Girl Dancing x2

OUaL will be implementing a two-week long picture-book series.  Because we’re taking way too many photos and my brain’s not functioning enough for words.

Sister & BFF time is good for the heart.  Bad for the rest of the body.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday Afternoon – Day #1

Lunch at Panera after the girls’ 1am PCT wake-up call.



Fuel for the OC Health & Fitness Expo, where we took too many antioxidant shots and shook our white girl hips at Zumba.  Major embarrassment.


Drove down to San Diego, met up with SD Friend.


Authentic Mexican (read: margaritas & Dos Equis) to fuel us through the night :

What would require so much fueling?  I’ll give you a hint : boot-scootin, two-steppin, honky-tonkin w all the closet Wrangler-wearing cowboys that are apparently hiding from me in East County.

Peace out we’re gonna go catch a taping of Chelsea Lately.  :)

Sarah Soon-To-Be


18 thoughts on “L & MT Day#1 – White Girl Dancing x2

  1. First, I didn’t know the OC Fitness Expo was in town. Thanks for sharing…oh wait you didn’t share! Selfish!

    Second, I notice that your sister and friends are all regular height. For quite some time I thought that the water in Ohio made everyone there taller. I was thinking of planning a trip there solely to consume some height enhancing water. Now that my dreams are shattered, I must go and buy some 6 inch wedges.

    Thirds, margaritas…I want some now!


  2. Oh, you didn’t know about East County! Another of the “ucky’s” is “Sant-ucky” (officially city name: Santee). Easy County is cowboys and dirt bikes.

    Temecula has lots of the same feel but a little more suburban with more money. You’d probably like Stampede (big club – I think they have country line dancing nights).


  3. say hi to chelsea handler for me. i have the biggest girl crush EVER on her. the day she invites me over to drink vodka and talk about bad decisions will be the best day of my life.


  4. haha I love your Zumba faces! That is exactly how I felt the 1 time I attempted Zumba.

    And how do you get tickets to Chelsea Lately? I always request them online when I’m going to be in town but never have in luck. I love her!


  5. Ahh, your Zumba faces look like mine…not too mention my step, BodyJam and any other sober-attempt-at-rhythm face. I’ve actually been asked to move to the back row during a step class because of my distracting arm-flails. (Not really, but I got a really stern look from the instructor and mucho eye-rolls from other participants. I moved myself to the back)



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