L & MT : Day#1 Part II

You can take the girls outta the sticks,

but you can’t take the sticks/wranglers/beer-guzzlin/honkey-tonkin/two-steppin outta the girls.





Felt like home.  :)

We laughed, drank, and stared in amazement as dozens of people perfectly navigated through line dance after line dance without missing a beat.  Seriously, every single country song known to man has its own line dance.  I’m determined to learn at least two.

(Cotton Eye Joe and the Cleveland Shuffle don’t count.)

Sarah Soon-To-Be

12 thoughts on “L & MT : Day#1 Part II

  1. If you really want to get your “hillbilly” on, go to the Saddle Sore in Norco. There’s a parking lot… and there’s a side section so people can tie up the horses they ride in.


  2. How did I not know that Cotton Eye Joe had a line dance? I feel so incomplete now… Looks like you had a great time, can’t wait to see what else you get into :)


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