L & MT : Day#2 – Brunch Lessons

Mimosa brunching after a night of heavy drinking is a good idea, most times.  Probably like 98% of the time.  Hair of the dog and some Vitamin C, soaked up in a delicious carb-ful meal is pretty fool proof.  Except in the following instances :

(Attempting said brunching on one of the following is risky behavior.  All three will cause murderous thoughts and/or somebody throwing up in a stranger’s yard after an emergency pull-over.  YOU’VE.BEEN.WARNED.)

  1. The kitchen is slow and your ibuprofen is now sloshing in a boozey, food-less stomach
  2. Shopping for Vegas outfits & bikinis is on the agenda immediately thereafter
  3. You have an hour+ drive home and no car snacks

Note, taken.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

Cely, you should probably call Picnik and get some copyrights or royalties or something on the speech bubbles.  Just sayin.


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