L & MT : Day#5 – Yogi, Yoga, Drunk


I really like making people do stuff they don’t want to do.  So, whenever anybody visits I drag them to my Wednesday yoga class.  Ohio is at least 8 years behind on all these “kooky” west coast trends (yoga, self-serve froyo, socks with sandals, etc) so I consider it a gift from me to them that they’ll know their vinyasa when it finally catches on in the midwest.


What we did AFTER class, however, isn’t a trend on any coast.  Which is a shame, because it was fun.  I’m starting up a drunk yoga studio as soon as this darned wedding is over.

Liability coverage would probably be a little tough to find – Mini Twin will vouch that headstand is not so easy after a few glasses of red and a shot of Satan Juice.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

13 thoughts on “L & MT : Day#5 – Yogi, Yoga, Drunk

  1. Love it. I had my friends take yoga with me during a recent visit. I guess they were not dragged though because they ended up loving it!

    And I totally agree on the midwest being behind. We just got a froyo shop in Fort Wayne like 3 weeks ago. WTH?

    On the yoga front bikram yoga is still NOT offered here. UGH.


  2. Bahahha this is so funny..I’ve totally been forcing my friends to exercise with me since I was like 12. Tae-Bo at my sleepovers and pussy-cat doll workout videos like…last year. Doesn’t everyone like to exercise for fun? LOVE your fuel…even the jager. -jamie


  3. I haven’t been reading your blog since day one, but have you ever tried Bikram yoga? I’ve recently gotten myself into that and boy oh boy could you get in some serious problems drinking and then sweating out the booze in a 105 degree room. You’re crazy!


  4. Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Jager has a bad rap but I have a very loving love-hate relationship with it. It loves me, I hate it and vice versa. It changes everytime. Some would just say not to drink it, but I’m no quitter and neither is Jager apparently. Or I’m just a glutton for punishment with a memory of a goldfish. Potato potatoe.


  5. Looks like my kinda yoga. Except I would hit up the tequila. Yoga is totally south of the border, right? ;) Please let’s not mention to Ryan that people actually wear socks with sandals. I can’t tell him no one else does it but him if it’s true!



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