VEGAS : Day#1 pt.2 – pennies=nickels in Old Town

Inflation hasn’t eliminated the penny slots in Old Town.  But like the fancy new casinos on the strip where quarter and dollar machines rule the floors, Old Town still likes to get you real good and liquored up when you’re plopped down on their stools. 

I am not a gambler.  I hate the idea of spending $ and not getting a tangible item in return.  But when drinks are free and the casino cocktail waitress says just keep a credit on your machine and I’ll take care of you, honey, I’m not opposed to slipping a dollar in a machine and milking it for an hour.

The math here is easy :

penny slots < quarter slots < dollar slots = free drinks

The math is even more fun when somebody wins and the Old Town machine spits out $5 in nickels.

Once we exhausted our meager bets and drank 23x that amount in booze (we tipped generously – homegirl was good to us), we wandered back out for some food & fun.


8 thoughts on “VEGAS : Day#1 pt.2 – pennies=nickels in Old Town

  1. I am effing LOVING this series of posts (including the ones before Vegas), I look forward to them everyday. And the amount of booze you ladies come prepared with – YOU ARE MY IDOLS!


  2. Haha! Free taxi! I like that one.

    I think I need to go to this old town area of Vegas. I’m cheap, so I don’t do $10 craps tables and even 25-cent slots. This sounds like my kind of place.

    BTW, I saw an FB update on Fontana Days parking – something about less of it (no parking behind City Hall)? They posted some map about where people could park. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a huge cluster ‘ef. Anyway, just giving you a heads up.


  3. dude! my bf lives in vegas and we have NEVER been to old town! definitely going there on my next trip. i am super cheap and hate losing my money to a machine so that sounds right up my alley!

    these posts are awesome! it looks like you are having a great time!



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