Why Do I Do This To Myself?

Let’s take a break from drunkenVegas debauchery (only briefly – there’s still A LOT to catch up on) to talk about what kind of shit I’m in tomorrow :




Yeah, it’s tomorrow.  Just like PCRF, it kinda snuck up on me.  Turns out having your best friend and sister, both of whom like to take advantage of every possible cocktail-time available, isn’t really conducive to training.

(Not that I’m complaining or pretending I don’t.)

Actually, all the excuses aside, I think I’M bad for my training.  I’ve got a million billion things on my mind – wedding, an upcoming move, travel plans out the wazoo, and work (blech) – and am just not high on the “I love running” chart right now.





Double crap :




B just bought Born To Run and is all geeked back up about running again.  Seriously, dude has ran more in the last 3 days than I have the last 3 weeks, and he’s not even training for anything.  I’ll rip it out of his paws as soon as he finishes the last page.

(As long as I survive tomorrow)

But in all seriousness, I’m being realistic here.  And when I tell myself I’m “being realistic” it really means I’m making excuses and trying to keep from feeling bad about myself.

  • The course is not friendly.  I knew this when I signed up.  (those damn low reg fees can make me do anything)
  • I am even less-prepared than PCRF.  Forced amnesia towards the pain of that race is happening.  (I don’t even have a training log to prove my un-preparedness, because I’ve stopped doing that too)
  • Oh, wait, I’m racing again this Saturday?  On a downhill/flat course?  So I should probably not die at Laguna and ruin my miracle chance of PR’ing there?  (see note#1 about low reg fees for explanation of two races in six days while SHIT training.) ((that’s not an acronym))


So this is the plan :

  • Walk.  Lots.  Especially up the hills.  I’ve never done a run/walk plan (not on purpose, at least) and it’ll be interesting to see how my time is affected.
  • Mentally prepare for a PW (1:58.17+).  I’ll be happy if I come in sub-2.
  • Think of it as a good training run for Fontana on Saturday.  (this is my sorry attempt at finding the “silver lining” – I’m a natural pessimist realist)


On that note, I’m gonna go for a short easy miles to convince myself my legs can still move that way.  And then bake in the sun by the pool a while – because I heard that’s good race-prep, too.

More Vegas fun this afternoon/evening.


Sarah Soon-To-Be


8 thoughts on “Why Do I Do This To Myself?

  1. Does this mean that we are not racing? Thank goodness! The hills are not that bad. They are not great but I’ve seen worse. It will be fun! Chin up and onward!


  2. “talk about what kind of shit I’m in tomorrow” I am cracking up at this line!! I am doing this same race and feel the same about it!!! A PW is better than not running at all, right? LOL!!!


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