VEGAS : Day#3–Pippa & the Beast (Billboard Awards)

lies vegas told me


For many reasons, some of which may have been related to sleeping in, forgetting sunscreen, & SEVERE BEER GUT-GROSS! we didn’t hang by the pool very long.

Good thing, because as we were picking up lunch afterwards we realized people were ALREADY lined up for the Billboards.  All of us were still in our pool garb and covered in a thick layer of “EWW-last-night” – not exactly red carpet event ready…

In order to expedite the process, MT, L, & EB took their food up to the room to get a headstart on showering/dressing/makeup’ing, while SD Friend & I walked the .9 miles back to our car so we could get the tickets and valet at our fancy “upgraded” tower.

About 5 minutes later, I got a picture message from L :


lunch in hallway


I know you’re not going to believe me, but all five of us got ready (everyone even washed their hair!) in 90 minutes.  SWEAR.  With one shower, one blow dryer, and one full-length mirror.  Oh and a stocked fridge – that’s always a bit of a distraction.



quick change



While everyone got a good kick out of my amazonian stature over dwarf L (she did take her shoes off for this picture), the real joke of the night was the Maid of Honor approach Mini Twin decided on for my wedding :




Big thanks to EB, L, and SD Friend for planting that seed.

Finally, FINALLY, it was time for the show!  And what a show it was…  I have a newfound respect for Beyonce (I mean it’s normal to have Michelle Obama in your tribute video…), fell deeper in love with Lady Antebellum, was shocked to hear Ke$ha can actually kind of sing, and realized I don’t hate Nikki Minaj like I thought I did.

Oh, and Brit’s hot again.



billboards beyonce



One final Vegas recap to come.  I gotta be honest with y’all, Picnik and I are probably going to break up after this – if B doesn’t beat me to the punch and disable my account/chuck the computer out the window first.

(That’s for all you who asked about what I edit my photos with, that I’ve been too lazy/busy/assholey to respond to)

I thought the word-hiatus would be easier on my brain.  HA!

Sarah Soon-To-Be


15 thoughts on “VEGAS : Day#3–Pippa & the Beast (Billboard Awards)

  1. I am so in love with your Vegas posts. I will be sad when they end :( Makes me want to go to Vegas sooo bad. Luckily, I just signed up for the Vegas marathon so I will be there in December.
    And I was trying not to be a creepster and ask about your photos but I love the collages. I need to start doing that on my blog but i’m lazy


  2. Seriously, how did you guys all get ready in 90 minutes? I’m pretty low maintenance, but for 5 girls to get ready with one shower and one blow dryer, that seems impossible. I’m amazed!


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