VEGAS : Supplement – Billboards Outfit



(Apologies for rubbing my cute outfit in your face that nobody sells anymore so you can’t copycat it.)

I think it’s hilarious when I meet people in real life and they say you’re so much taller than I expected!”

I’m nearly 5’9″  –  Not exactly short.  I also get told I’m skinnier in person, so maybe I just need to find a camera that doesn’t make me look like a short, fat, piece of crap?

(ok actually that only happened once, but it made my day)

But anyways, you’re right – somebody that’s already almost half a foot taller than the average woman doesn’t really need to be wearing 6″ heels.  When I actually take the time to shove my feet in something other than flip flops and running shoes though, I like to make the most of it.

I deemed this my Gossip Girl outfit, and told everybody call me Serena the rest of the night.  Nobody did.


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You’re a real bitch, Lively…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


21 thoughts on “VEGAS : Supplement – Billboards Outfit

  1. Dude did she see the nudey cell pics floating around the internet of blake?
    er…. me neither….

    SEXY MAMA dress seriously. I occasionally wish I had a reason to look hot instead of haggard all the time. :)


  2. You are adorable!

    I’m 5’10 so I fee ya. I am totally oblivious about height. I have a lot of friends that are 5’1 and 5’2 and I don’t even realize it until I look at pictures and I think “Wow, I look ridiculous.” I love wearing heels though, so really I need to just start taking pictures sitting down.


  3. You’re 5’9″?! hahaha, I would have totally pegged you for 5’2″. I feel like you’re shorter than SR in pics and she’s not that tall, right?

    Anyway, I will probably stalk you at some future race, so it’s nice to know I’m looking for someone my height.


  4. 1) you are looking HOTTTT mamaaa in that dress. b-dawg needs to be counting his lucky stars that you will be his wife (in one month!!)
    2) please dont breakup with picnick. i love these pic posts!
    and 3) you are killing me in suspense – RACE RECAP please!!


  5. Fabulous outfit! I am envious of your height- I am barely 5’2″ and always look short!

    Random question- do you highlight your hair, and if so, what do you tell them to do? (My current person just can’t get mine right!)


  6. I agree, definitely a Serena-worthy outfit. Just make sure, that if you take nude pictures and they leak to own up to it (if you have no clue what I’m talking about visit TMZ… I’m not a freak, I promise).


  7. first, love the dress. and i’m so happy there is someone else out there who is ‘giant’ and still loves to wear heels — though sometimes i feel like a super giant, and then i take them off and walk barefoot…

    anyways. so i now want to go to vegas with you. i’ve been living vicariously through your fabulous vacay recap. or perhaps just party it up in la.


  8. OMG that dress is gorgeous…you look amazing! Love all the Vegas recaps…sounds like a great time. I can’t believe you got to go to the Billboards!!!



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