Time Travel Race Recap (Laguna Hills Half)

I came down from my afternoon RAGE (after a much-needed nap and FINALLY getting my damn pizza) and decided to rewrite my Laguna recap last night for you.

So, before I can tell you about the PR(asterisk)-ing that happened yesterday at Fontana, let’s get last weekend’s race out of the way first.  Since Brightroom FINALLY posted the darn official photos.  Slackers.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Aaaaaand it’s six days ago.  (Just pretend.)

Woke up, got ready, and made the easy 10 minute drive to Laguna Hills for the race.  Was feeling all sorts of bad about it :

Yeah, I was going into the race with the lowest expectations possible (prepared for a PW), but the level of “this might REALLY suck” was a little overwhelming.

Luckily, after an informal strategy meeting with Monica (strategy : don’t die so you can still run the downhill course next weekend),  I made friends with the big blue box and got to the start line two minutes before the gun.

So now that we’ve covered that unnecessary information about my bowel movements, let’s just cut to the (race) chase :


  • I ran with my handheld for the first time.  I love it for long training runs, but had never raced with it because it seemed unnecessary.  NEVER AGAIN.  It was SO nice not to F around with the water stops, and swig my perfect concoction of icy, diluted Powerade Zero whenever I wanted.  (Plus, I needed somewhere to keep my car key.)
  • I walked when I wanted.  Not when I felt I “should” or at any specific intervals.  Just when I WANTED.  And I didn’t feel bad about it at all.  It used to really eat me up to have to walk during runs, but I’ve embraced it.  (kind of have to when your peak training was walking the Vegas strip at night in 4” heels)


  • On the opposition, I let myself FREAKING FLY down the hills – clocking some mid6 paces on ol’ G-money.  (This would come back to haunt me at Fontana when I found out I don’t know how to run downhill for extended periods of time)
  • I felt surprisingly good the whole race.  Despite what this photo tries to tell you :



My professional* assessment of the good-naturedness-despite-no-training of this race is pretty simple.  The constant change in work – easy pace on the straight-aways, walking the hills, and turbo-boosting the descents – broke up the monotony.  I am SUCH a headcase runner, and having the variation really helped keep me from getting bored as shit and angry to be running.

* not a professional



I finished in 1:56.19 – definitely not a PR, but not a PW either.  The race was fun, I thanked every volunteer that would listen, and cheered for every serviceman/flag-carrying/military-shirt-wearing person I saw.  It was Memorial Day, after all!

Most importantly, I left the race feeling confident about the distance and my upcoming half just six days away.  It was a huge ego-boost and exactly what I needed.

Oh, and my outfit didn’t ride/chafe/slip like I feared it would.  Three cheers for the Target C9 line!

Laguna Hills Half, 5.30.11  :  1:56.19


Sarah Soon-To-Be


13 thoughts on “Time Travel Race Recap (Laguna Hills Half)

  1. What’s that right there? 3 more good race photos? Why, I don’t believe it! :-)

    Nice job on the race! I have to walk when I want to also otherwise, my run just slows down to a walk. It’s nice to catch your breath!

    Are those regular sunglasses or running (ear hugging) sunglasses?


    • They’re regular ones from Kohls. I don’t like my sport ones bc they touch my eyebrows and then sweat drips down the lens. These bounce a tiny bit, but are off my face so they don’t fog or get sweaty.


  2. Good job Sarah! May I ask what kind of handheld bottle you have? I have been considering carrying one for my next half marathon but I’m not sure which one to get. Thanks girl for any advice you might have. By the way you look like a rockstar in those pics!


    • Thanks, lady. I have a Nathan handheld – $20ish if I remember. I have seen similar ones at Marshalls & TJ Maxx for like $10. Whatever you get just make sure it has a tightening strap for the hand part.


  3. Those are good race photos! Brghtroom redeemed themselves after PCRF. I am curious to see what comes out of Fontana – they kept talking about registering. I wonder if that was a requirement or something.

    Seems like the hills in Laguna are not that scary – at least I know for the future.


    • They are good race photos! RE Fontana photos, I realized I wore a shirt covering up my number the whole time so I won’t get any recorded despite the fact I was posing for them the whole time. The photographer must have thought I was a way crazy bandit.


  4. Nice job and nice recap!

    I love my handheld bottle – I have a Camelbak Podium Chill Jacket – the pocket has a key hook and room for 2 gels, and a strap to tighten. I know part of your registration fee is to pay for race support, but I was unimpressed with the water stops at my 2nd half marathon last fall, so I bought a handheld, and it was perfect for my 2 half marathons this spring. I loved being able to sip a little whenever I want and not have to plan gu around a water stop.

    I also need to remember C9 has some good stuff. I have 3ish tanks from them from 2 years ago that I love (and were less than $12?) but I am prone to drinking the lulu-koolaid. Need to save my money on running clothing so I can have it to spend it on registration fees!


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  6. You are awesome! And hilarious!!!
    What brand of running skirt is that?? And I could kill you for always looking so cute in your race photos!!! (kidding, of course) I always look like I was caught giving birth to a child. Ugh!

    I am training for Long Beach marathon too!! Hooray!


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