L & MT : Day#nobodyremembersanymore

Some day after we returned from Vegas we went up to Burbank for a taping of The Ellen Show


Mom & I tried to go when she was here in December, but couldn’t get tickets.  So she stalked the website everyday for MONTHS to get a request in for us.  (thanks, mom!

We ended up with standby tickets, which guarantee you a seat in Ellen’s “Riff Raff Room” – basically a viewing room behind the set.  Leftover seats in the live audience are filled with standby’ers on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you’re super fan and have nothing better to do with your life, you can camp outside at 6am for 8am check in, and possibly have a chance of getting a seat.  (yes, people did.)

We, on the other hand, were content with standby so we slept in and lazed around my apartment for a few hours before leaving (which was HEAVENLY after too many days of cramming activities in every available second).


WB Studio

We got there a little before check-in ended, and there were obviously already a bazillion people there.



When we finally lined up to start entering the studio, and an Ellen worker came over and pulled L out of line, saying she’d “bring her right back”.  I’ll let L tell it from here :

(note stolen from her facebook page)

Sarah and MT are huge Ellen fans.  As we sat waiting to go into the show, they were super pumped and talking about Ellen and telling “inside jokes” about Ellen and talked about the show.  I had no idea.  I was already feeling not worthy of this experience, but felt cool to be there for it.  Don’t get me wrong– I like Ellen and am a fan, but I have a job and can’t watch the show and don’t believe in DVR (or I am too cheap, you decide).

Anyway, we were really far back in line (356th).  A female employee grabbed me out of line, took me back in the trailer with 3 other random girls from the audience- told me I was part of a focus group and started “interviewing” me.  Name, age, where I am from, what I do at work (which isn’t easy to explain), and how often I watch the show. 

Since I can’t lie TO SAVE MY LIFE I said something like “I am a fan, but hardly get to watch the show… But the 2 girls I am with are HUGE fans!” She continued with… “Well, how many times per year do you watch?” I said “Just a few… Maybe less than 5?”

She IMMEDIATELY took me back out of the trailer and we found Sarah & MT and we moved to the very front of the line with the other girls’ families.  I had a feeling I messed up, but then if I did why were they escorting us up to the front of the line?! They put us off to the side in a cool chair while everyone else waited in line.

Then the line started moving into the seating area.  AND we didn’t move.  For a long time.  Wellll, by that point it sunk in that I probably screwed myself out of something really cool since the other girls didn’t come back for a long time.  Sure enough, 2 of the girls in the trailer got to play Ellen’s trivia game and won prizes while I watched the show from the Riff Raff Room. The prizes were lame anyway (yes, I am still bitter…).

Moral of the story: I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO LIE!!!


MT & I may have threatened to leave her in Burbank or push her off the Santa Monica pier.  We were OBVIOUSLY kidding – I swear, we were kidding the entire 45 minutes we spent making fun of her and saying she ruined our lives.

I started to feel bad about L’s missed chance at stardom, so I took the girls to Santa Monica just in time to miss the sunset and eat a nice dinner at Hooters.  Their fried pickles and white slouch socks can cure even the saddest heart.

santa monica


We made sure to keep our distance from the pier.  You know, *just* in case…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


6 thoughts on “L & MT : Day#nobodyremembersanymore

  1. AHAHHAA! I honestly would have done the same thing she did…I am a bad liar too because I always think someone would know if I WAS lying and I’d hate to feel like an ass. That sucks so bad though, like couldn’t they have just pulled you out of the line?


  2. I love Ellen!! My hubby and I had the opportunity to attend her show and we had a really great time! We even danced with her…I think I might’ve stepped on her toe though! I’m not a good dancer! My hubby says I have compensating factors tho! haha!! :) Hey, I can do the “running “wo”-man”!! oh, and the “cabbage patch!! :)

    Love your dress! ok I’m gonna ask…where’s it from?? :)


  3. So I don’t know exactly which day you may have been at the Ellen Show but my friend Kaycee Brown recently played a Sorry game at that show, and lost horribly! I wonder if it was the same day, she is a really cute blonde (much like yourself) but kinda ditsy (we’re close, I can say that) . . . hmm, what a small world if it was! Love your blog btw, can’t wait for da wedding, congrats!



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