Honesty & Karma vs. Whining & Bitching

Subtitle : I’m scared of karma.

In order to tell this story properly, I need to revisit a big fat WOOPS I made the other week re: wedding planning.

As I told you a while back, we decided to do a DIY photobooth/guestbook at the reception.  I was all kinds of excited about it and hurridly placed an order for a Fujifilm INSTAX 210.  (essentially a modern day polaroid)


A few weeks passed when I finally remembered my impulse purchase and got to wondering where the EFF it was.  I logged on to Amazon, and lookie there, FedEx delivered last week.


Long story short, I got a hold of our old landlord, who informed me the tenant had just returned the package to Amazon a day before.  I did a little “There ARE still good people left in the world!” dance, and thanked my good-karma stars that I didn’t just throw 155 wedding dollars down the drain.

(I did send a thank you note with a Starbucks gift card in appreciation.  Manners, minded.)

So, back to now.  L sent us a gift card for Yardhouse (one of our favorite restaurants due to its 200 taps full of delicious beer & walking distance from our apartment) as a thank you for hosting her two week Cali vacay.

(Completely unnecessary, but completely awesome.)

In the same pile of mail was ANOTHER envelope from Yardhouse, also made out to B & I.  I opened it, and was surprised to see what was inside :


Umm my name is not Regan, and I am definitely NOT celebrating a 30th birthday.

But for $100-worth of free food and booze?  I can be whoever/however old you want me to be…

It was a serious mental battle.  I kept thinking back on how GRATEFUL I was that the tenant in Ohio went through the trouble of returning my ‘woopsie’ Amazon order.  After a couple days of carrying the not-stolen-but-not-exactly-mine envelope, I finally called Yardhouse.

“Thank you so much for calling, Sarah – that was so kind of you.  We deactivated that card and will reissue one to Regan today.  You can throw away that card.”

Well crap.  I really thought they were going to tell me to keep it in reward for my honorable efforts and strong moral compass.  Oh well…

Two minutes later I got another call – it was Yardhouse again, telling me to keep the two-$10 “bonus cards” from the envelope as their thanks.  WAHOOOOO!

(in case you forgot what my unshowered, un-makeup'd self looks like)

And that’s the tale of honesty and good karma.  Now let’s talk about how whining & bitching can be equally as fruitful :
A few nights ago we were at Veggie Grill (another one of my FAVORITES, also walking distance) – it was unusually busy, and I was freakishly crabby & hungry.  VG is a fast-casual restaurant where you order at the counter, find a seat, and an employee brings your food to you.
So we waited.  And waited.  And waited.
We watched at least FIVE tables that arrived after us get their food BEFORE us.  I did the obvious thing and tweeted about it before actually going up to the counter to complain in person :

The staff was very apologetic and kind when our food did finally come out.  I was very kind in that I waited until the plates were set on the table before digging in.

A little while after our bellies were filled with delicious vegetarian food, Twitter sent me this :


And sure enough, a few days later :

Now don’t get me wrong – this is NOT some advocacy towards bitching & whining your way to a free meal.  Sure, I was excited about receiving the gift card.  But what mattered more is that Veggie Grill cares enough about its service, customers, and image to right its wrongs.

But seriously, I love vegetarian food.  I love beer.  I love companies that love their customers  –  THAT’S how you create loyalty.

Oh and it helps when you have the best sweet potato fries in the universe.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

11 thoughts on “Honesty & Karma vs. Whining & Bitching

  1. Awesome post! There are a few good people left in this world, and it sounds like you’re one of them! And the Veggie Grill complaint via Twitter is super awesome! It almost makes me want to start tweeting!


  2. We don’t have veggie grill here :(

    Glad you figured out the disposable camera thing early – that would have been annoying to scrounge up those things too close to wedding day.

    I see you have aster-acized Fontana Days. I don’t have a PR list, but I would probably do the same.

    Thinking of doing the Billy Goat Climb Half on 6/18 which could be a PW – 2400 feet of climbing and then back down… ack, that seems crazy. Have to rethink this.


  3. You lucky honest person you!

    I love that little park in your apt complex. I go catch the Burnt truck there on Friday when they are there. Wish I lived there. I need to move soon. Getting sick of where I live. A little.


  4. Your manners are way impressive. Can you share a little of your motivation? And this quote is absolutely perfect, and has been so true of so many places for us ” I love companies that love their customers – THAT’S how you create loyalty.”.


  5. Nice work on sending the starbucks giftcard as a thank you to the peeps that returned your camera. I bet it will be an awesome surprise and they will forever pay it forward. Bonus points for calling Yard House!! Super hard to do with $100 bucks in your hand! Good karma fo sho!

    P/S I love Veggie Grill. Love it even more that they took care of you. Freaking. Awesome.


  6. Yardhouse is BOMB!!! And I never got a chance to try Veggie Grill when I lived out there; guess I need to go next time I visit!! And that’s awesome, you’re rich in gift cards!! Yay good karma!


  7. I’ve never been to Veggie Grill…but, I’ll try it just for the sweet potato fries!! :)

    Good Karma goes a long way sweet girl!! :)


  8. You make me laugh! Sounds like positivo karma is swirling around your happy pre-wedded life!!

    It sounds like you have everything under control for the big day! So exciting.

    And, yes of COURSE I WOULD LOVE for you to fly to Seattle so we can be Nuun-runners! H2C!! 2 days after your HC should be plenty of time :)


  9. I recently shipped a gift to my OLD apartment and had to do the walk of shame to see if they got it/would give it to me. They were super nice about it but I felt like a moron!

    Also, thanks for these tales of Karma. I have been seeing a bunch of jerks get some things they definitely don’t deserve so it’s nice to hear about good things happening to good people!!!



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