Running Ailments Cured By Beer

I had a shitty, cut-short, too-much-walking, no-good-really-bad run this AM.

Remedies in line to make me feel less crappy about it :

  • Lots of beer, here :


  • Followed by more beer, and food, and new friends at a beach bonfire game night party.

HOORAY for the healing powers of barley and hops.  Always what the doctor ordered.

Happy Weekend, y’all.



Sarah Soon-To-Be


10 thoughts on “Running Ailments Cured By Beer

  1. Looks like fun! Last beer festival we went to was Greenflash’s anniversary festival in November. Pizza Port Carlsbad has an awesome “Strong Ale” fest every December.

    I was able to pull off the side braid just now. I was doing the opposite side to yours and was having a bitch of a time and then decided to try the other side (left to right) and so much better. I have to do the reverse braid, too (like going under rather than over), otherwise I get all messed up with what strand I’m on.


  2. Hey, Sarah, are you watching the NBA Finals at all? Are you going to root for Lebron after all? I remember your awesome post about The Decision and Lebron, so just wondering.


    • OMG NO! I’m originally from Cleveland and still very much hope LeBron gets hit by a bus. “The Decision” was just a spoof at his ridiculous, narcissistic, big ass ego. I’m so sad you were mislead. My sincerest apologies.



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