Beer Fest Outfit–Target & Time Travel


(ACTUAL dress!  You can buy it!  And it’s on sale!!!)



Dress : Target (Xhilaration Summer ‘11) $19.99

Cardigan : Target (Mossimo Fall ‘10) $10?

Wedges : Target (Xhilaration Spring ‘07) $ inflation-makes-it-irrelevant

Purse : Nine West (TJ Maxx Spring ‘09?) <$20 because that’s my TJ price limit

Instructions for a Sarah-Soon-To-Be-inspired look :

Go back in time at least eight years.  Enter your local Target store.  Collect random items you think you “TOTALLY need” or “could wear with _____ outfit” off the clearance racks.  Repeat quarterly, at the least.  Wear a few items until threadbare, leave tags on a few, and forget you ever bought the others.

(Fast forward to the present)

Impulsively buy a bright, colorful sundress you’d normally never be drawn to.  Leave it in the bag for a week after you come to your neutral&boring fashion senses.  Be too lazy to go across the street to return it.

Notice the ratty purple cardigan you discarded into the heap of clean-but-worn clothes on the floor next to said Target bag matches crazy-Sarah’s fun dress perfectly.  Have an “aha” shoe moment about those red wedges you’ve been meaning to donate for years.

Pair with your buttery yellow cross-body bag – mainly because it gives you full function of both hands and therefor maximum beer-consumption efficiency, but also because hey!  it matches! 

Note that you probably cashed in some karma points on this outfit magic.  Be ok with that.


Sarah Soon-To-Be


14 thoughts on “Beer Fest Outfit–Target & Time Travel

  1. The outfit looks cute because YOU look cute in it. Thanks for making me laugh. You and SR are my only definite “go-to” blogs — you are both a hoot (and cute) – I’m a poet and I don’t know it.


  2. So apparently I’m a lush and when I hear time traveling, I assume it means blacking out. I kept reading your post for the black out story. Wow, sorry. Cute outfit though! :)


  3. Love it! Totally bought that dress (in a different color scheme) a few weeks ago. Now I’m pissed that it’s on sale…ugh! Oh well. I think I’m going to wear it to a wedding this weekend, too bad it won’t look near as good on me as it does you!



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