San Clemente Beer Festival




I vote from here on out EVERY Saturday afternoon be spent as we did yesterday.

Left Coast Brewing Co’s Beer Festival yesterday in San Clemente was a blast.  It’s hard to fail when you’ve got 14 breweries, perfect weather, kick ass bands, and teeny tiny plastic beer mugs in my eyes, though.

But really, we had a great time.  And then we passed out in precautionary hangover-fighting mid-day naps before heading out for round two with B’s coworkers.  (also can be read as : we’re OLD and LAME).  Game nights are always fun, but when you’re playing with a bunch of doctors and intellectuals it’s best to keep your questionable guesses to yourself, I’ve found.

At least I got the Clueless question right during Scene It.  Cher Horowitz is my homegirl.




Sarah Soon-To-Be

12 thoughts on “San Clemente Beer Festival

  1. Is it that we’re old, or is that we didn’t used to drink so much during the day when we were younger, thereby creating the illusion that we didn’t need afternoon hangover naps when we were younger? Pretty sure I just found an excuse for afternoon hangover naps.


  2. What I love about those beer festivals is that toward the end of the event you start having random conversations with people you don’t know. It always starts out where you just talk to the ppl you’re with but a few hours later everyone is chatty with everyone. Especially when your brother-in-law is in a kilt.


  3. Your hair always looks sooooo cute. It makes me want to cut off my long hair…almost.
    We do game night sometimes. Usually after too many weekends out and need to save money or Ohio snowy winters. I end up playing with a bunch of attorneys so I feel your pain


  4. Love the tiny beer mugs! And I hear you on game nights… I’ve gone to pub quiz with my hubs and his coworkers/classmates who are all working on their PhDs in science, and I feel pretty dumb. But I’m helpful when it comes to the pop culture questions :)



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