L & MT : My Favorite Stone

(yeah, we’re talking about beer again.  And those girls that left three weeks ago.  oh well)


B & I LOOOOOVE coming to Stone for a few reasons :

  1. Obviously, the beer.  B would drive to the ends of the earth for their Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale.
  2. The food.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone and not gotten an order of pretzels and their housemade hummus.  Plus they have LOTS of vegetarian options and use local, organic, in-season produce.  Not your normal bar food.
  3. It’s half-way to SD Friend, and she always jumps at the chance for a beer-date.
  4. The grounds.  Waiting 45 minutes for a table isn’t so bad when you get to grab a beer and wander the garden or camp out at a picnic table.  Or you know, other things to entertain yourself…



 After our adventureous happy hour and Gisele, my alter-wannabe-ego left, we made our way to a table for a proper meal.  And more beer.  Obviously.  Which led to thought-provoking conversation between the intellectuals, and some very scientific tongue-vein analysis by the blondes.  Totally normal.


But really, if you come visit you should expect to be drug down to North County for beer and pretzels.  And I’ll probably ask to see the bottom of your tongue.  Don’t be weird, just let it happen…


Sarah Soon-To-Be


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