The Ugliest Vegas-teer! (fan-voted)

I promised more Vegas, and here she be.

In honor of me finally publishing the “Bachelorette On The Loose! ” page (go check it out for all the boozey, ridiculous party recaps you can handle), let’s have a little fun!

While we were in Vegas, we played a little game called “Who Can Take The Best (worst) Picture?”  It was unclear whether the credit should go to the super sleuth, trigger happy photographer that caught the shot, or the unsuspecting poor model, but that’s beside the point now because…

YOUR JOB is to help us determine who won!   (obviously “won” is being used loosely)

Here are your contenders…


1.)  SD Friend   2.)  EB   3.)  L   4.)  Yours Truly   5.)  Mini Twin

*   DISCLAIMER   *  All “models” signed off on the contest and also the publishing of these photos.  They’ve agreed to take your opinions lightly and not drown in the sorrow of being the ugliest and least photogenic of the Vegas bunch.  The power of alcohol and unfair camera angles are too much to fight when you’re knee deep in penny slot winnings and free bottle service, afterall. 

Plus, our moms tell us we’re beautiful on the inside no matter what our faces look like.


Please do your civic duty and cast your vote in the sidebar to the right.  (If you’re in Reader, click here to be taken to the OUaL homepage)  You can choose two uglies at a time, because I know it’s just really too daunting a task to try and narrow it down to a single vote. 

Also, you can vote as many times as you like.  If you’ve got a favorite you really want to see crowned The Ugliest Vegas-teer, well dangit, click the SHIT out of that “vote” button!

Exercise your constitutional rights, people!  Don’t you know this is what they were really fighting for when they passed the 19th Amendment??  (that’s women’s suffrage, if you don’t feel like googling and are a few years past high school US Government class)

Polls will close THIS SUNDAY, 6/26 at midnight EST.  Your Fan-Chosen Ugliest Vegas-teer will be announced Monday, in honor of the kick off of Wedding Week.  Now go vote, and tell your friends!

Sarah Soon-To-Be


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