Fishing Is The New Golf

How many of you want to punch me for missing the Yogurtland Run Blogger Date Meet Up of the Century?  (Chronicled here by SkinnyRunner, here by HungryRunnerGirl, and here by RunEatRepeat

I know, I know, it’s too bad I couldn’t go – it just turned out I had better things to do…

KIDDING, obviously.  I had to work.

Upper management was out this week (from our main office in Ohio), and whenever they visit we like to do something fun for “team building” and “company commaraderie”.

Ahem, and for an excuse to get out of the office.

After tossing around a few ideas – Disneyland, Dodgers Game, Car Drifting Lessons (HR probably wouldn’t have bought into that one) I somewhat jokingly said,

“What about Deep Sea Fishing?”



So, we went fishin’.  When I asked pro fisherwoman SR for tips in hopes that my stellar angling skills would earn me a raise or some brownie points, she shared this little bit of insider info : 

Don’t hook anybody else on the boat.  They don’t really like that.”

Right.  Thanks.

Honestly, we had no idea what we were getting into.  We figured we’d have servants baiting our lines and reeling in our catchings for us.  And then we’d stuff them, and hang them around the office, and brag to visitors about ‘that time I wrestled a big kahuna for hours and look, now it’s hanging on our wall.  Let’s do business.’


source : random friend's FB album


TRUTH : Turns out you catch & hook your own bait, reel in your own catch, and nobody fans you off with giant palm leaf OR serves you drinks out of coconuts while you do so. 

Oh and there were no sharks.  So our office walls are bare.  Unless we go buy one of these guys :


But really it was fun.  I was super creeped out by the tank of live anchovies we used as bait – and the fact that you had to reach in with your BARE HAND to catch them, and stick the hook through their poor little head while they were still alive, though.

credit :


After playing thegross but I’m a GIRL and who can hold my purse?” card and making the men bait for me the first few times, I finally dug out some balls and did it myself. 

Yeah it was gross, and yeah they’re slippery and I dropped a few, and yeah I apologized to them while performing the slow and painful death-by-sharp-object-through-your-f’ing-mouth routine…

 But, you know what they say about those darned hillbilly roots – give them an inch and they’ll take an acre.  After a while I was hooking bait, catching fish, and covered in scales & blood like a real champ.

I told everyone that’d listen that “my Corntown friends are going to be so impressed!”


And in case you are having that feeling of “I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU ANYMORE, OUaL!”, let me share what I had for lunch on the boat :



Sarah Soon-To-Be

(countdown to new sign-off name : 10 days.)


25 thoughts on “Fishing Is The New Golf

  1. I’m dying over here. The best part is you fishing with your purse on. Don’t worry, I don’t bait my own hooks and I went fishing 4 or 5 times in the last few months..


  2. Ok, Snickers is the weirdest match to Tecate I have ever seen. But right up your alley. Not surprising.

    I would also have had a hard time stabbing tiny alive fish heads. I suppose my pride would have made me also find some balls somewhere and just do it myself, but, ew. Yeah. I hate killing things unless they are a direct threat to me (like mosquitos or something).

    So did you eat any fish that you caught? Or did you just toss them back in?


  3. I agree with Janae! You ALWAYS look great! How do you do it?! ;) And fishing is all kinds of awesome, i love it! The fresh fish, the water, the sun, the beer, the good times!


  4. if all else fails… :)

    Good Luck, Safe Travels, get good rest, take your flinstone vitamins and BREATHE…get in your “downward dog” pose, have a zen moment…You’re going to be a very beautiful, skinny, hot bride!! Can’t wait for you 2 share your fotos!!

    We’ll play, run, catch up when you come back to Cali!! :)


  5. Do they make cute budget sling bags for holding bait?

    They have tackle boxes, why not tackle bags?!

    Also, you should have suggested an office half marathon, first place gets a promotion.


  6. Just wanted to let you know that I linked to your blog on my post today! And also to tell you congrats and welcome to the married lady club!


  7. It’s crazy, I follow all three of those lovely girls and was surprised that you weren’t there! But also jealous that yall have the chance to meet up! I’m all the way over in NC…not sure I’ll ever make to the west coast! lol


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