The Ugliest Vegas-teer : REVEALED

I’m alive and surviving the humidity here in Ohio.  Too busy having fun and catching up with long losts to post, but I’ll let you know the flight was uneventful, all my belongings arrived safely, and my dress got to fly first class.  Oh and I ran a half yesterday and got a shiny new PW (personal worst) so that was fun.

Anyway your enthusiastic voting for the Ugliest Vegas-teer was impressive.  Big thanks to a last minute surge of votes for one lucky bachelorette’er put a lock down on the #1 spot.

So without further adieu, the “best” of the worst, your Ugliest Vegas-teer, as decided by you the readers…






With over 32% of the votes,  EB! 

Congratulations friend.  I’ll bring you a cupcake to make you feel better.  Or based on the picture above, maybe some weed brownies?

Off for more friend fun and some wedding shit.  Yay, shit!

Sarah Soon-To-Be

9 thoughts on “The Ugliest Vegas-teer : REVEALED

  1. Haha my sister’s bachelorette party was last weekend. She had some pretty awesome (horribly bad due to intoxication) pics that I would love to post but she’d probably kill me if I did.


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