Upon Arrival : Beer & Glue Gun Me

After landing in Cleveland (traveling dress in tow) and dropping all my crap at my parents’, I headed over to L’s for some best friend time.  For entertainment we visited the Niece & Boyfriend Nail Salon, where a Mani Showdown was happening between the 27 year old country boy & cutest 3 year old ever :

nail salon


After we crowned our winner (we gave boyfriend a Busch handicap, but little ‘rynn still ran away with the title) we got to work on centerpieces :



There’s a sneak peek for all you threatening to burn my house down if I don’t show more wedding pictures like NOW.  L wants to murder me for it, but she did all our centerpieces and crafting.  Maybe she’ll do a guest post on it?  Now that she’s got all this free time on her hands?  Winking smile


As if that all wasn’t enough, I got a very special surprise that almost made me pee my pants

If you’re a new reader or skip the posts where I talk about beer a lot, here’s a brief history  :  the best beer in the world comes from Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland.  They don’t distribute west of Chicago, in effort to preserve the quality and yadda yadda WHATEVER it means we can’t have it in Cali.  So whenever we’re home, we make up for lost time and consume as much GLBC beer as possible.

Well every November they release their “Christmas Ale”, which is a very delicious blend of pretty much the only happiness Ohio has during the winter. 

There are festivals in its honor.  People (us) pay lots of money to have it next-day-aired to them.  Liquor stores put per-person limits on how many you can buy at a time, because it’ll clear off their shelves before the stock boys can get it off the pallets.

And when it’s gone, it’s GONE.

So, imagine my surprise when I reach into the 6pack of Conways Irish Ale I had stashed at the rents, and one of these bad boys comes out :

xmas ale


Seriously.  (No seriously, that’s what I ran around the house yelling.  But really B, you’re a close second…)  Mucho gracias to mom & dad for 1) enabling my GLBC addiction and 2) somehow practicing enough self-control to save that beaut for over six months.

(Christmas Ale ages like fine wine & Jennifer Aniston, in case you were wondering.)

What a way to kick off a trip home…

Ok really the Half That Killed Me race report is next.  Pinky promise.

Sarah OUaL


12 thoughts on “Upon Arrival : Beer & Glue Gun Me

  1. I LOVE Great Lakes Brewing Co!!! Luckily I live in Chicago (and right across the st. from a liquor store) so I’m all over that shit :)


  2. Sarah! I noticed in your center piece picture that one of the beers you drank was a Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy!!!! So. Proud. I am a tour guide at the leinenkugel’s brewing co. in my hometown during the summer. Glad to see you are able to enjoy a little of our product! Shandy is my favorite and even better is if you mix half shandy and half of our berry weiss = a pink lemonade. mmmmm :)



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