I feel very very lucky that I have a very literal “best of both worlds” kinda life right now.  The bi-polarity (is that a word?) between Orange County, CA and Corntown, OH is laughable, but I love them both for a multitude of reasons.


  • Weather – 75 degrees, sunny, 0% humidity nearly every day
  • Beach life – “only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair” – Zac Brown Band
  • Active lifestyle – not only the people, but all the trails, paths, and shops that promote it
  • Food! – So much variety, you can get literally anything you want within a 5 minute drive
  • NO BUGS – I do NOT miss the mosquitos, horse flies, or cicadas


  • Friends, family, good people – enough said
  • Small-town lifestyle – everyone knows everyone (this was the reason I WANTED to move away for school, but I love it now (now that I’m done causing trouble)) Winking smile
  • Bonfires, Porch beers, Dive bars – jeans & a tee are perfect weekend wear
  • No traffic – un-lined country roads, two-lane “highways”, and not having to replace your brakes every 500 miles.

corntown traffic


I know you’re all probably thinking that all we do in Ohio is drink beer.  You’re mostly right, but sometimes we drink wine, too.  Only when we’re feeling extra classy (or too bloated from too much beer)

fancy corntown


After SD Friend (she’s a Corntown-er, too) threw a full glass of blush on her white tank top and we had a pizza delivered to the winery, we were all fancied out and headed somewhere more our style.  AKA somewhere with PBR.

corntown cc


The biggest dive/biker bar of life, that everyone’s so lovingly coined the Country Club.  Literally, there are more ATV’s/snowmobiles (depending on the season) in the parking lot than cars at any given point.

We loaded the jukebox (with the original page-flipping, actual album inserts, big clunking buttons and all) with some Johnny Cash, George Strait, and Garth and got to work embarrassing ourselves on the dance floor, per mine & SD Friend’s usual.

bad dancer


Look familiar?


(from MT & L’s visit to SoCal)

After our SYTYCD audition we played some Keno laughed at SD Friend while she caught up on her current events.



And finally, on our way out we left our mark on the Dollar Wall – for all ex-boyfriends and frenemies to curse at & throw darts at our “pretentious west coast asses”.

cali love


Ha.  Welp, we win.  Call me this winter and we can talk.

Sarah OUaL


3 thoughts on “Corntown-Fancy

  1. Do you find you get those people from back home who say you think you’re better or something for moving? I am getting that right now and we are just moving to Southern Georgia! LOL



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