Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

Another gratuitous wedding sneaky peek – also courtesy of Full Bloom Photography, who I’m completely obsessed with if you didn’t know already.  Can’t I win the lottery so she can just follow me around all the time and take ridiculously awesome photos with her magic camera that makes everyone 32x prettier than they are in real life??  Why does life have to be so unfair???




SO happy we decided to do a first look shoot.  I didn’t realize just how happy/excited I was that day until I saw this picture.  And how cute is Bri, all nervous and anxious to see me? 

Go on and swoon if you want, I won’t blame you…

Sarah OUaL

16 thoughts on “Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

  1. OH MY GOSH. You need a life size replica painted on one of the walls in your house. Seriously. It is THAT gorgeous. Love both of your natural, giddy, excited expressions. LOVE.


  2. Ahhhh, so adorable! I think my only fear in doing the ‘first look’ deal is that I may start crying immediately and then my makeup would be ruined for the big event. I guess that might be better than crying as you walk down the aisle though?



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