Wedding Weekend : Checking In & The Digs

I peeled my Corntown Fancy ass from bed Friday morning, cursing the Ohio grapes and PBR, and got to work loading up all my shit to head to the big city.

After stuffing my rental to the gills with bags, dresses, centerpieces, un-finished DIY’s, and the like, I ran a few last-minute errands (orange juice, shoe inserts, snacks, thank you cards, etc) and finally made it to the Hyatt around 3:30.

the arcade


I asked the valet guy to please have somebody bring my stuff up to my room, because it’s wedding weekend and I wasn’t about to do anything myself that I could pay somebody to do.  He asked what I needed brought up.

ALLLLL of it.  Yes, everything.  Target bags, suitcases, boxes full of flowers & breakables.  Yes, I realize there is only one of me, and appx, 400 lbs of shit.  Just bring it up.

Checked in, called bridesmaid Ali to let her know I was there, and headed up to my room.

Errr, suite.  Estate.  Small village.

HOLY SHIT this “room” was bigger than my parents’ house.  Two sitting areas, kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, and a hallway.  Seriously, how many hotel rooms have hallways?!

the arcade - room

the arcade - room2


The Arcade is a historic landmark, and I can appreciate that they try to keep the old charm in the details of the hotel, but the Hyatt could def do some work updating their rooms.  Sure it was huge, and the leather couches & recliners were super comfy, but the worn carpet and tube tv’s could go.  Maybe slap on a fresh coat of paint.  Stop starching the shit out of their sheets.

But what do I know, I’m just a nit-picky bridezilla.  (that’s some foreshadowing, ps.)

Ali & her husband came up to hang out and help take up space in my humongo room, and mentioned that they saw the carts with all my shit on them in the lobby.

S : Fantastic, cuz we have to start getting ready soon – let’s try and leave for the shower at 5.

Chat, chat, chat, BS, BS, BS… still no luggage.  After about 30 minutes I called the front desk to see what the heck was going on.

Hyatt Front Desk Lady : I’m soooo sorry, Ms. Soon-To-Be, I’ll have them sent right up to you!  Have a nice day!

A little more chit chat, a little more realizing we had less than an hour to get ready.  After about 10 minutes Ali & I parked ourselves in my doorway while her husband went to the lobby to track down my belongings.

We saw a bellman in the hallway (with one suitcase and one tote bag on a cart) and I very kindly asked him WHERE THE F my stuff was.

Hyatt Bellman : Oh, yeah!  We got 2 carts down in the closet – Ha, we didn’t know who they belonged to and figured you’d call when they didn’t show up.  I’ll go get ‘em for ya.



I watched the valet dude write my room # on the claim ticket.  The front desk knew what room I was, since I called from my damn room phone.  How long were they seriously going to let them sit down there?  Wouldn’t a cart full of flowery centerpieces and a bridal gown seem kind of important to deliver???

Great start.

We rush rush rushed to get ready, called valet to get my car, and left the room about 20 minutes later than planned.  Got outside, told valet my claim # and that I’d called ahead, and waited.

And waited.


At least four parking attendants were standing in a group chatting and acting like imbeciles.  Not paying attention to anything or the two impatient girls standing next to them.


I scanned the curb, looking for whatever my black rental with the Michigan plates was.  Finally I approached the group, waiving my claim ticket, asking if somebody was getting my f’ing car.

Hyatt Valet : Oh, it’s right over here, ma’am.  Let me go grab your key.


WHAT??!!!!  Again, how long were they going to let us sit there and wait?  Super great to know the hourly workers of Cleveland are so helpful and proud of their work.

Fuming, we drove the 45 minutes to the shower.  Thank God it was at a vineyard – I needed wine or a Xanax (or both) like never before.

Sarah OUaL


7 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend : Checking In & The Digs

  1. I HATE waiting…especially when there are seven people who are supposed to be helping you (while getting paid) and no one can seem to figure out what you’re standing there for. As I read your post, I felt your frustration. I’m hoping the rest of the wedding story unfolds a bit more smoothly ;)


  2. That would piss me off so much- especially since you clearly tried to have those things done ahead of time by calling/setting it up! LAME. Are Ohio people fast? I’m move move move because NJ but down here in Virginia everyone is SO SLOW (including my boyfriend) and i want to rip my hair out.


  3. I love the Old Arcade, one of my favorite building in Cleveland. Nothing really in the building to see or do, I just love the way it looks inside. And your hotel room is almost hte size on my condo, eek!


  4. This is why you should stay Marriott and/or RItz-Carlton… you’d get an imbecile like me waiting on you hand and foot! (minus the moronic acts you described here-my employees would get a foot in their ass for that)

    Sorry I just felt obligated to do my two-second advertisement here :)



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