Wedding Weekend : Friday – Bridal Shower

(Bridal Shower #1 w/ B’s family can be found here)


The best part about sanctioned parties like birthdays, holidays, and bridal showers?  Forcing family & friends into hanging out with you.  Is there a better guilt trip than “You’re not coming to MY PARTYYYY??  [ sad face ]”?  NO.

The second best part is when said party is at a place who’s only responsibility is producing alcohol.


You may notice some overlap between the groups.  As in, sisters who are coworkers (L & her sis),  High School friends that are Cali friends (SD Friend),  and Coworkers who are also the Ugliest Vegasteer.

You’ll have that in a small town.

… Aaannnnddd when you’re anti-social like me and don’t like going through the work of making new friends, so you just recycle the ones you’ve already got, you’ll have it even more.

Also, the almost-duplicate outfits were pretty creepy.  SD Friend & Bridesmaid Ali’s ruffled orange jersey dresses.  Shea, EB, Mini Twin, Gram in identical shades of magenta.  My family’s apparent love for prints.

Luckily, nobody showed up dressed the the entertainment :


Moving along.

After making some earth-shattering familial discoveries about myself :


… And playing with my hobbit :


… Shea taught us what she’s learned from working on the East Side of CLE-town :


… And then I dressed up like a Flower Bride.  The end.


Sarah OUaL

post-production note of interest : My photographer got married at these same vineyards just a few months prior.  small world!  (no, literally)

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