Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

I’m heading into surgery this AM to get those pesky jerk skin cells all cut out.  Bye, bye, Cancer!

In tribute of today’s operation and the continuing fight against cancer, I present to you today’s GWSotD :



In lieu of traditional favors, B & I made a donation to LIVESTRONG – a foundation very near and dear to us.  We wrapped the napkin rolls with a LIVESTRONG band for each guest, with a card tucked in explaining our donation and the foundation.  It was so cool seeing everybody with their yellow bands on at the end of the night!

The wedding party got extra special bands – custom ordered with the name of a loved one that’s fought/survived/passed from the disease. 

L, SheaShea, MiniTwin, my Mom & I all wore ones for L’s mom who lost her fight in August, and we also presented bands to L’s sister and dad.  It was a touching (and obviously tear-worthy) moment that I made sure took place BEFORE makeup. 

We knew she was there, watching her “Sarah Girl” marry the boy of her dreams.  L said she was finding 2011 pennies alllll week – Mom2’s way of saying she’s looking down on you.  L sealed one up in my card (even before I’d given her her bracelet!) and it’s in my purse just waiting for something special to be done with it…

“Live, Laugh, Love – TLR 8.5.10”

Sarah OUaL

27 thoughts on “Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

  1. I have an appointment on Friday to get a couple moles checked out.. you inspired, (scared me into??) doing this.

    I think that donation was the best idea ever. I may steal that for my wedding, just FYI :)


  2. What an awesome way to memorialize those who have passed away from Cancer while also advocating for others to help the cause! Good luck on your surgery today, I am sure it will go fine!


  3. Good luck with surgery today. I’ll be thinking about you. Your posts about it got me to schedule a screening (melanoma runs in the family).


  4. Love this so much! Just yesterday we lost a very dear student at our high school (only 17yrs old) to bone cancer, he would have been a senior this year. Cancer does not discriminate. Hope all goes well with your surgery.


  5. Good luck today – I’m sure it’ll go quick and hopefully painless.

    I love the favors idea – frankly, so much money is wasted on gifts, etc – hopefully the idea of donating to causes *as* gifts will catch on more.


  6. What a great idea! I teared up reading it… That was such a touching thing to do! Good luck today, I’m sure everything will be fine. :)


  7. Such a great idea! I’m jealous I didn’t think of something like this at my wedding :)

    I hope everything went well for you yesterday and I just wanted you to know that after I read your initial C word post, I scheduled myself a dermatologist appointment. I never would have considered going before, but your post inspired me. The check up went fine, but it gave me peace of mind and I’m really glad I did it. So thank you for sharing your story with us Sarah!


  8. I teared up reading this post. That was a great idea for guests.

    I got a mole thingie removed the other day. The dermatologist said we could keep watching it or just take it out… I said “just take it”. I kinda feel naked without my spot but I wouldn’t want to keep wondering if it was something more.

    Hope the surgery went well!



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