Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

Kayla, are you reading this?  You continue to magically post Facebook “sneak peeks” JUST as I run out of material for these posts.  My (vapid, wedding-hungry) readers & I thank you Smile


Lots of you have complimented my dress.  First, thank you.  Second, it’s from David’s Bridal, and was super affordable.  For fussy, non-nonsense, “why-spend-money-on-something-you’re-never-going-to-wear-again” me, that was KEY.

And dear lord what I would have done to myself if I’d woken up the day after and seen the wreckage the broken bustle, spilled beer, and 3am statue climbing (that story’s to come, promise) to an EXPENSIVE dress?  I would have been sick.

(if any other brides are wearing/interested in this dress, I wore it without the petticoat.  much “flowier” and a less structured trumpet.  just fyi)

The shoes are Steve Madden, from DSW.  I lasted in the 4.5” heel through first look photos, the ceremony, and about half the reception before I felt like chopping my feet off at the ankles.  Good thing I brought a back up!  (… 3” heels)

Also, the custom wire hanger with our wedding date is from Etsy seller BettyAnneProductions.

Sarah OUaL


* post production note : David’s Bridal linked to this GWSotD post over at their blog – I guess this means I’m famous.  David’s, I’m free for a photoshoot anytime and open to discussing the sale of our wedding photos, a la Kim Kardashian.  Be in touch.


18 thoughts on “Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

  1. My dress was from David’s Bridal too. I bought the first one I looked at and first one I tried on. Loved it instantly. It was still “expensive” though. $550 on sale. I know that’s cheap for a wedding dressing but not when you’re used to spending $6.99 on a shirt at Ross.


  2. My dress was David’s Bridal, too. Fit perfectly (well, except for then length, duh), and looked great. Like $250 or something ridiculous – it was the floor model because I planned our wedding in like 3 months so it was a matter of whatever they had in stock in a size 2.

    The shoes are super cute – but 4.5″ is crazy tall.


  3. I’ve loved seeing your wedding pics!! I’m from Ohio (now live in TX) and absolutely love Cleveland because I went to school up that way. It makes me all nostalgic to hear about Great Lakes Beer. That stuff really is the best!

    And I loved your dress, too. It was perfectly flattering on you. You looked amazing :)


  4. I love your bridal dress budget philosophy. I feel the same way. Although my dress is a bit more costly than I had originally planned for [I really hopped to find a $99 dress on clearance at local stores without luck]… I found the best dress, for a good price here locally. I wanted to visit Davids but it’s over an hour from my home and figured in town shops and alterations would be so much easier.

    I love the dress and totally agree w/ you on the removal of the extra bulk under the dress – I can’t wait to say CHOP THAT OUT for my dress!

    Shoes = amazing! I LOVE THEM! Well done girlie! ox


  5. Love, love, love your dress. I had the same philosophy — why spend a lot of money on something I’m going to wear once.

    Tons of credit for making it that long in your gorgeous shoes. You are def a trooper. I wore sparkly red flats (yes, like Dorothy)


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  7. i too got my wedding dress at david’s bridal and i loved it :) i plan to donate it to brides for breast cancer (which reminds me, almost 2 1/2 years later, why haven’t i done this yet?!?). ALSO i LOVE your shoes and the DRESS HANGER with your wedding date on it. i wish i would have had one of those when i got married!!!


  8. Love the dress. Love the shoes even more. I decided red shoes for my wedding and I’m sure I’ll rock some tall ass heels. Us tall girls have every right to wear ’em tall! M is 6’8 so I’m lucky I can wear whatever height I want.



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