Wedding Weekend : Rehearsal Tyrant

After our relaxing morning causing a raucous at the spa, we had some lunch in the room (soooo thrilled to see my fav veg place from college, Flaming Icecube has made it to Cleveland!).  BHibs’s manicure was running late, so we started without her.

And we waited.

And finished eating.

And waited more.

‘Oh, it’s alright – we don’t have to be down to rehearsal until 3:30.  No worries!’ – S

(that was me trying to be cool/calm/collected, NON-bridezilla for a second.)

BHibs finally emerges – 45 minutes after schedule, shoves some food down her hole, and everybody scatters to their rooms to get ready.

With about 10 minutes before departure, I pull on my super cute, so-excited-about-it silky dress from Francesca’s (at the Irvine Spectrum, if you care) and…


Why are my boobs hanging out??!  Shit.

Bra-switch –  Still hangin out.

Belt it – no help.

Dug out the emergency sewing kit Gma H gave me for Christmas that I threw in my suitcase at the last second.  Put in a quick stitch to hold the v-neck in a V-shape and not a wiiiiiiide open U, say “ahh F it”, and rush out the door just in time.

rehearsal you're late


Heh…. yeah, I did say 3.  WTF bridesmaids???  Was I really so terrifying that none of you could correct me when I kept saying ohhh we have pleennnnnty of time!  rehearsal isn’t until 3:30!”

I really didn’t think I was THAT bad

rehearsal no meghan


rehearsal just no


rehearsal screwed


rehearsal anymore questions

(That’s an actual, verbatim, might be the EXACT moment I said it quote.  The guys do not appear to enjoy being bossed around.)


rehearsal kidney punch


I will admit I was completely and 100% overwhelmed at this point.  There were pesky little BS projects that needed finished,  I hadn’t met with the band or sound guy yet,  hair & makeup was starting early,  and my artillery of expensive dermatological creams & gels were losing the Stress-ne War.

Not to mention, I realized at that point “my Hyatt girl” was a catering manager and not the day-of coordinator I desperately needed.

(my bad. it clearly says “catering manager” in her email signature. I just thought maybe she had an alter ego for weekend events?)

So after hee-hawing my way through a self-hosted rehearsal   (“uhh, so then, will the people be seated then? yeah. and then the guys will, uh… you’ll go stand up there, and B & Bob you’ll already be there… and then the girls will start walking when the music gets to that one spot…”),   we RAN across the street to the Winking Lizard – where lots of popcorn-eating, beer-drinking, and Tribe game-watching brought me back down to earth.

rehearsal hello

rehearsal baseballA


And B got a few more last-minute “REALLY??” looks from his lovely bride-to-be…

rehearsal really

(secret’s out – his real name’s not “B”)

Ok but then we made out up and were cute :

rehearsal me and b


As L mentioned, she, MT, & I ditched out early to get some last-minute things taken care of and my anxiety/OCD in check.  We had a really fun night assembling programs, organizing playlists, and bawling our eyes out over sentimental gifts for each other.

Mini Twin made me the sweetest-ever scrapbook, I gave L her custom Livestrong band, and L’s card to me with the 2011 penny had us all in tears.

Which was kind of the opposite of what everyone else was doing :

rehearsal party animals


Oh well.  I got up and worked out at 7:30 and I bet a billion dollars none of those fools did.  I win!

Next up : prep for the big day!

Sarah OUaL


20 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend : Rehearsal Tyrant

  1. Our rehearsal dinner restaurant ran out of chicken by the time they got to me. Result: big, ugly-cry, guest-confusing meltdown. I think they would have been happier if I’d just yelled at everyone. That way, the entire wedding party wouldn’t have had to offer me their pity chicken.


  2. As a native clevelander – I LOVE that you included the Winking Lizard in your wedding! Now all you have to do is swing by Yours Truly and Swensons and my high school eating tour would be complete!!!


  3. I am in anesthesia school and I have to say that after long days in the OR, I look forward to both yours and SR’s blog…hilarious! Looking forward to more wedding photos!


  4. I’ve BEEN to the Winking Lizard! (on Detroit Ave?) Couple years ago though.

    For my Brother-in-Law’s bachelor stuff 2 weekends ago, they were supposed to go there (It’s one of BIL’s favorites) but they went to Great Lakes and maybe Buckeye Beer engine? The girls made a stop at the wine bar part of Brother’s Lounge that weekend (which I think is close to Winking Lizard).

    I love all the photo captions. And I love your dress and that it is the colors of your wedding invites. (I remember you posted pics a while back…Weren’t they grey and yellow?? I’m obsessed with that color combination).


  5. YOU crack me up, the wedding photos with captions are the best! I love that you were in Cleveland, winking lizard is my favorite bar. The one in Lakewood, they know me by name and will bring me my beer when I walk in. I am ot one bit ashamed by that


  6. Just found your blog and I’m loving these wedding recaps. Our wedding is Sept. 3 and we just found out that having a “day-of” wedding coordinator show up to the wedding and the rehearsal was going to be $1200. Um, no. So I’m self-hosting too and will definitely be using the “Does anyone else have any questions that have already been answered?” line. It’s already so engrained in my brain there is no way I’m not saying it.


  7. oh Sweetie(s), this one cracks me up every time I revisit the page. I mean, that lung-clearing tears-in-the-eyes laughter that makes such a healthy start to any day. Thank You



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