Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

Coming at ya from the dance floor with today’s GWSotD(s) :

first dance


AGES ago, probably about a week after we got engaged (Dec 09), we picked out our first dance song. 

And then spent the next year and a half praying it wouldn’t be released as a single and consequently become 1) every other newlyweds’ song, or 2) super over-played and annoying.

Luckily, none of those things happened – even though we did have a slight scare when Dave performed it at the Grammys last year :

“You & me together – we can do anything, baby…”

This became our motto through all of the ups and downs during our engagement – cross country move,  marathon training,  loss of loved ones,  stress at work,  and struggles with friendships – all battled with a simple lyric in mind.  We constantly reminded ourselves how much harder those things would’ve been to get through alone, and how lucky we were to have supportive partners to push through the bad times along side us.

A few months ago I asked our reception band (more on them later) if they happened to know the song.  Band manager’s verbatim response :

“No – We try to stay away from ‘the Dave…’”

Fair enough.  It isn’t their style and I knew it was a long shot, so we planned to dance to a recorded version.  No big deal.

As we were leaving the hotel that afternoon for First Look photos, we ran into the band unloading their equipment.  I stopped to quickly introduce myself and make sure they knew where to go, yada yada.

As I rushed across the street to rejoin my party, the band manager yelled my name.  I turned back to hear him yell,

“Oh and by the way, Chris learned your song!”


Are you freaking kidding me?!!!  The lead singer/guitarist decided THAT MORNING to learn it – and performed an absolutely incredible version for our first dance.

Talk about a sweet wedding gift :)

first dance2


Sarah OUaL


30 thoughts on “Gratuitous Wedding Shot of the Day

  1. I love your song choice, great lyrics! Huge Dave fan! We wanted a non traditional wedding song too and chose Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. Our last dance song was WIsh you were Here by Pink Floyd since both songs mean a lot to us we tried to incorporate both. We got some weird comments about our song selection but whateves!


  2. Awwwww, love this. You never forget your first dance.Your song was absolutely perfect. Like you we wanted a song that was not on the radio and not a “wedding song.” You know it was meant to be when it works out like that.

    p/s The fact that the band took the time to learn it is HUGE. Wow wow wow!


  3. I went to a good friend’s wedding at the end of May and that was their song! It was super sweet and I kind of love it now, which is crazy because I’m usually anti-Dave.


  4. Anesthesia Carie here. Love that song too. My husband and I eloped when we were 19 (we are 28 now) so we didn’t really have “a song”…..we change it up over the years and “the Dave” has held a lot of our favorites…including that one. The first time I heard it, I facebooked it to my B (Brandon, not Brian) :-) Our latest song is “I’m gonna love you more than anyone” by Gavin Degraw.


  5. amazing wedding photos..all of them — incredible. and your wedding posts have been been my daily entertainment. thank you for having a ridiculous lifestyle that is very smalltown midwestern. it brings me back home.


  6. I love that song and had said that if I wasn’t already married I would want that as my first dance song but lucky for you we got married 9 1/2 years ago and we dance to Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight.

    On a funnier note, after we were married and turned to walk back down the aisle they played Smashmouths version of I’m a Believer! It was perfect cause I always thought of myself as an Ogre like Shrek! :-)


  7. EEE – Love this! You know I used to be a HUGE Dave fan – went to 5 concerts all over the US I was OBSESSED… then I just sort of fell out of love with him, maybe when I thought he got too commercial… but above all I still love his first three albums and I love this song now that I’ve heard it. My all time fave Dave song is “I’ll Back You Up” it was from his first, not huge selling album and if my fiance liked Dave I would insist it be our wedding song, but since he doesn’t I will settle for it to be played at the reception to dance to.

    I love that the band learned this for you guys – SO special!!!


  8. This was me and my douchy ex’s “song”……….. so I hate it a little now, but still a super sweet first song….clearly minus all the dramz. :D


  9. Perfect song — Truthfully, I would have tried talking hubby into it when we got married, but it wasn’t out yet. Instead we danced to his favorite song & he told me now we can’t get divorced because it would ruin the song for him (so romantic)


  10. I love that song! What a perfect wedding song. I want to steal your idea if I ever get married! ;) And that’s awesome that the band learned it! So amazing!


  11. “The Dave” – I can see how a band might try to avoid DMB just from over saturation but that’s awesome they came through for you. It’s not like they had to learn something cheesy like “On the Wings of Love” or something.


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