Wedding Week : Prep (long & short term)

Long term, I didn’t do a lot of “special” prep for our wedding.  No diets, no special hair treatments, no dental work.  No tatooed makeup, plastic surgery, skin pigment replacement, eye color dye’ing…


If you asked me to my face I’d say it was because I wanted to be “myself” and “natural” – so when we look back on the photos years down the road I’m looking at somebody I might still resemble.


But since I’m hiding behind this laptop screen (and a glass of pinot) I’ll confess another *small* side to the story :

I was lazy.  Late to the game.  Too pre-occupied to give a rat’s ass more.

I got my standard cut & highlights from my hairdresser.  Actually washed my face morning & night.  Kept a layer of OPI’s Nail Envy on my *natural* nails to keep them from looking too tomboy-ish.

That about covers it in the Effort Department.

Right now I’m at my “easy weight” – where I can be without any extra effort or restriction.  I like where I’m at, and I’ve loved all the pictures I’ve seen.

(the 4.5” heels did a bang up good job stretching me out)

prep - heels help

Sure, I could have done some more ab work and not relied so heavily on the Spanx to suck me in

Yeah, a wrong turn created a little armpit flab over the strapless dress. 

And fine, the measly muscle definition in my arms only came out while I was holding a completely full beer or my 10 lb bouquet.

But again, that’s ME.  If I’d have gotten all jacked or went anorexic-skeletor on myself, I’d look back and constantly feel like a fat slob that likes beer & carbs too damn much.  Spending a lifetime trying to get back to “wedding shape” doesn’t sound like fun.  See, I was just looking out for future-Sarah’s well being!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Anyways, on to the short term…

prep - hair makeup

Sunday morning all the girls gathered bright and early in my room for an un-uglifying bootcamp.

Mimosas were drank in case anybody’s dress was a little too loose and needed filling out, ESPN was on in case anybody started feeling too girly, and my 98%-country iTunes library blasted as a reminder that even if we’re in the Big City we can still yeehaw to Garth like we were raised to.

A friend from high school (L’s cousin, actually) came to beautify us.  She isn’t a professional, but she always looks so stinking cute you can’t help but trust her.  Plus she wanted $35 for hair & makeup, TOTAL.  I spend more than that in eye makeup remover when I do it myself!

With her arsenal of shellacs, aerosols, and a curling iron-wielding sister, they got us all photo-ready and gorgeous :

prep - before after

(I just blow dried – magic makeup/hair girls did the rest)

prep - bad side

Sarah OUaL


13 thoughts on “Wedding Week : Prep (long & short term)

  1. You’re right about not goin’ too hard with the long-term stuff… I worked out HARD a few months before my wedding and now I’m like, Oh. That’s not how I usually look.

    You DID look so fabulous, though. The dress looks perfect on you!


  2. oh I totally agree with you looking out for “future-Sarah”!! Haha… Sooo many people always talk about getting back to their “wedding body”… You have great reasoning! :)


  3. I was the same way with my wedding. Two and a half years later I never find myself going, “Wow, if I could only get back down to my wedding weight” because it’s the same today. Why set yourself for feeling like a failure later?


  4. Everything about your wedding was awesome, your pictures are gorgeous, you, your dress, shoes, hair make up are perfect. (I 100% thought you went to some fancy salon to get your hair and makeup done). The band learned your song! WHat I really like is that you were yourself and I think you will be very happy with that now and 10, 20 etc years from now


  5. You looked gorgeous! Question for ya, & maybe you already said it somewhere & I am just totally not seeing it, but where did you get your wedding jewelry? (Necklace & bracelet)…Love the chunkiness of them & was hoping to find something similar. Thanks!!



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